The Daily: March 16th, 2022

I’ll be honest, today, I just didn’t feel like putting makeup on. It is pouring down rain and my eyes are a little itchy from the allergens rising and since I am not really going much of anywhere today, I am just not going to bother. I did however put on my face mask a little early. This month I am doing a thirty day trial of the Bl’eau Beauty Glacial Oceanic Clay Mask. It can be used daily, or as needed. I’m going with a Monday, Wednesday and Friday application.

I planned to use it tonight after dinner, but I figured that since i wasn’t wearing makeup today I would put it on after lunch and get my fifteen minutes in there. It is one of those masks that is easy to apply and comes off super quick and easy so application and removal don’t really add a lot of time.

Also since lunch is one of the Smoothie Box Smoothies, it took less time than usual to make. And I can also drink the smoothie with the mask on due to the magic of straws. So I blended the smoothie, rinsed out the blender, applied the mask and then took both me and the mask back to the desk to look up potential replacements for my blender. I’m trying to decide if I want to go with another traditionally style blender or go with something like the BlendJet or a Ninja that is more designed for smoothies. I know it seems like a strange thing to wonder, but with traditional blenders due to the shape of the carafe and the positioning of the blades, often things like frozen berries get stuck underneath the blades and clog them up so things stop blending.

I’m trying to figure out if the shape and blades for something designed for smoothie making prevent that or not. Because if it will blend smoothies it will still make pesto and the sauces I don’t use my food processor to make. The problem is the commercials all make it look easy, which is their job of course, but then again so do regular blenders and I know they get stuck sometimes. Yes, this is what I spent my lunch time looking up today, while i sipped on a smoothie and wore my Bl’eau mask.

I do live the high life, don’t I?

Although if anyone has any thoughts on Blend Jet or Ninja or even regular blenders drop them in the comments or even e-mail me if you’d like, I’m happy to take advice on this.

Beyond that I have just been working. The highlights of the day include a new release from Murad Correct and Protect Serum with an SPF or 45. It is supposed to correct hyperpigmentation and prevent further. Which seems like it would be fabulous for the coming spring and summer. I spend a good deal of time not only walking on the walking trail but working in the garden. Anything that can give my sunscreen a boost is a good thing and an spf 45 under my spf 50 sunscreen sounds pretty good to me.

In addition to the many St. Patrick’s day sales starting up, Clove and Hallow are celebrating their 5th Anniversary with a huge sale. It kicks off March 23rd and runs through the 28th. I’ll post a reminder on the 23rd for those shopping but it is well worth noting down to remember. The sale is: 20% Off All Orders, 25% Off Orders $40+, 30% Off Orders $60+, Free Deluxe Sample of our NEW and Unreleased Powder Facial Cleanser, Cloud Powder, with Orders $80+.

In addition they will also be releasing a “5 Years of Favorites” bundle of their bestselling products from each year: Lip Crème (2017), Lip Velvet (2018), Conceal + Correct (2019), Balancing Oil (2019), and Boost-A-Brow (2020). Their Lip Velvet is an amazing liquid lip product. It is long wearing but not drying and one of my favorites. I had the shade Sugarbear and wore it as my office neutral until not a drop was left. Seriously I even used the IG hack where you set the closed liquid lip tube in a cup of warm water so the product will slide down the sides and pool back in the bottom so you can use it, just so I could use every drop. the only reason I haven’t repurchased yet is because my lipstick collection is out of control and I am trying to reign it in before purchasing more. I actually need to do another lip declutter soon. If I do it before the 23rd I might end up using the sale to repurchase Sugar bear. In case you don’t know about clove and Hallow, they are a vegan brand with sustainable packaging and really good formulas. Well worth checking out.

As for me, it is back to work.

Tomorrow there will be makeup again, mostly because I have a meeting. Today I am just going to revel in my clean and well nourished skin. Between the Missha Cleanser, Embryolisse moisturizer and Bl’eau mask, at the moment, my skin feels fantastic. I will probably add a lip mask though. Beyond that it is au natural for a day at the desk. I hope your Rainy Wednesday is going as well as expected.

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