The Friday Face Mask: The first week of Bl’eau Beauty

This Bl’eau Beauty Glacial Oceanic Clay Mask was sent to me by the brand, however my opinions and all my own.

Skincare takes time to work. This is something that i often forget with face masks. I am used to thinking of them in terms of what i need at the moment. Is my skin feeling dry, then perhaps I should reach for a hydrating mask. Are there a lot of clogged pores? Then perhaps a mask specializing in unclogging those pores is called for.

Sometimes however a mask is designed not so much for a specific targeted and temporary issue, but used for over all skincare improvement. Those masks generally have ‘For daily use, or as needed’ somewhere in their description, at least in my experience.

And honestly as much as i like trying new face masks. I do like giving a mask a full trial and seeing how it performs over time. This Bl’eau Beauty Glacial Oceanic Clay mask is one of those I am really looking forward to using for a full thirty days. While this mask can be used daily, I am going with the Monday, Wednesday and Friday application, which means that Today is my third use of this Bl’eau mask.

The first thing you notice about this mask is the jar. It is a beautiful little jewel of a box. the reflective surfaces mean my camera angles are a little off kilter just so the writing can be read. But the angles are more than just pretty and reflective. They also make gripping and turning the lid. I know that sounds like a strange thing to focus on when it is just a pretty gem of a box, but I have a lot of older family members and many of them have issues with their hands so I end up hearing a lot about this topic. One of my great Aunts complained that her favorite moisturizer was now too hard to open.

I actually suggested bits of grip tape, which she put around the outside of a lid and she is now happy as a clam. I’m tickled she actually went to a local Skate shop to get it (she also believes in supporting local business and there happened to be one near her). I would kind of loved to have been there when she arrived to be honest. She is thrilled with her purchase and ‘the very nice man’ who sold it to her and has put it on several hard to open items, in case you are wondering.

Which is a long way to go to say that the jewel shape actually enhances the product use as well as being very pretty. I know, sometimes I take the long way around a point.

The mask was fantastic the first time I used it. It applies easily and smoothly and because it doesn’t harden into a hard shell in the fifteen minutes it sits, it is easy to wipe off with a damp wash cloth. I would suggest assigning a wash cloth. Even when you rinse out the cloth, it is clear the cloth needs to head to the wash. It hasn’t actually stained any of my wash cloths though which is a plus. with the ease of application and removal there is little extra time added.

And my skin felt great after the first and second uses. As I just removed the mask for the third time, I have to say it also felt great now. the skin is hydrated and clean and just feels fresh. I will say that I have a few clogged pores that are being pulled to the surface so I am going to employ an exfoliator tonight to take care of them. Other wise this first week has gone very well. While I don’t think I would have a problem using this mask on a daily basis, I think I will stick with the three times a week. It is more for timing than for over use. It is a gentle mask that simple leaves my skin feeling fabulous.

As this is a month long trial, next Friday I’ll start to break down some of the ingredients to take a deeper look at what the mask is actually doing. This week was mostly about finding the right number of masking days and setting the trial on it’s path. But now my Friday Masking with Bl’eau Beauty is done and I must get back to work. I hope you are having a fantastic Friday afternoon and that your weekend is even sweeter.

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