Weekly Weight: 211.6 lbs

This week was strange in regards to working out. I started strong on Monday, then work went crazy and I managed the bare minimum for the rest of the week. Most of my focus was on my food this week.

Logging my food, writing down everything I put in my mouth was the only way I could keep track of things once work got out of control. And I’ll be honest, mostly what happened was that I jotted down what I ate during the day and then once i finished for the day but hadn’t yet started making dinner, I counted up the calories and figured out what I was going to eat for dinner, or at least my portion size.

we still had the basic menu in place which helped. It was just my portion size that varied. I have to say having the Smoothie box shakes really helped. They were delicious, but they also had the calories clearly marked so I didn’t have to think too much about it. There was little to no math. While I normally like to keep it to one or two a week, I hit them hard simply because it was easier than thinking about it and they were quick.

While this loss wasn’t a big one, it is t least going back in the right direction. I was very worried that this week would either be a no loss week or even a gain because of the workout shorting. But keeping a firm control of those calories really helped to at least reign it in and make sure I didn’t take a hit with my weight.

As annoying as it is writing down everything I consume, it does help. It not only keeps a record of what i am putting in my body so that when things go wrong I can sort of figure out where the problem is, but it also makes me aware of what I am eating. There is no mindless snacking when you have to count out the items you plan to consume from a larger bag so that you can accurately write it down.

As an aside it always astounds me that olives (at least the kind I was eating) are ten calories a piece. I know part of it is the salt, but I always feel like they ought to be about three. They aren’t, I know they aren’t which is why I count them before adding them to my salad. But it still seems like they should be. Part of that is i do love olives and kind of wish they were lower. But still, 10 cal seems a bit much.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 212.0 lbs

This Week’s Weight: 211.6 lbs

Lost this week: 0.4 lbs

:Lost thus far: 34.4 lbs

And so the slow chipping off of weight continues. This weekend I am reevaluating, going through my fitness and food logs and seeing where things can be improved. I don’t mind the slow chipping, but I wouldn’t be opposed to heftier slivers being released from my body each week. So This weekend I will see what can be tightened up and what needs to change.

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