Unboxing the March 2022 Macy’s beauty Box

I am very used to getting the Macy’s box at the beginning of the month so when this turned up over the weekend I was surprised and thought, ‘Oh yeah, it never did arrive.’ Typically this box charges to my account on the 25th of the previous month and arrives around the 9th. This month it charged on the 11th and arrived on the 19th. This is a $15 per month beauty box and it generally has five items and a makeup bag and about two perfume samples. Occasionally they will replace the beauty bag with a small item.

In the past the bags have been replaced with a set of reusable travel containers that were TSA approved. One month in a hair care themed month the bag was replaced by a mini travel flat iron. In general this has been a fantastic beauty box. many of the items are higher end and it allows me to try these products without spending a lot. Which saves me both money and keeps me from wasting products.

Last month was okay but not fabulous and this month is…not really my favorite. But let’s get into it.

First off this month was the theme Let’s Go Girls and it spotlights products from female owned brands. It has been a common theme this month as it is Women’s History month and I have to say in other subscriptions I have been blown away by some of the products I didn’t know were from female owned brands. This was not the case here.

This month they chose to replace the bag with a notebook that says Girl Power on the front. Which is fine, I can always use another notebook. I have one with a different logo but otherwise identical in the glove box of my car at the moment. I use to to track my mileage and gasoline purchases. It cost me $0.97 at the Dollar Store. which makes it less impressive to see here. And I think it sort of set the tone for me. I felt disappointed in the notebook and then I looked at the other items and there seemed far fewer of them than usual.

The reason it seemed like less is because there were no perfume samples in this month’s bag. There is a scented product which I suppose is why they decided to leave them out. I am used to opening the bag and feeling like it is over flowing with product. This month just felt like something was missing. I even checked the box twice to make sure nothing had been left in the box.

The second item in this month’s box was a makeup sponge from Natasha Moor. It is a nice makeup sponge. It feels like it is a decent quality and it has an angled end which I really enjoy on my makeup sponges. So this I am not mad about. It is a nice sponge, shaped in the way I prefer and it is a lovely maroon color. It is a fantastic item in the box.

The second item in this month’s Beauty Box is a Nudestix Bronzer. I have tried Nudestix lip products but never their bronzer. I am happy to give it a go even though I am not blown away by Nudestix lip products. One of my favorite bronzers is a cream stick formula so this might actually be another one I can add to my list of products to buy.

The third item in my box this month I will be passing on unopened. It is the Girlactik Rose Oil Petal Gloss. It is full size, which is nice. I already have this exact lip oil. And while I do love lip oils this one tastes like you accidentally sprayed perfume on your lips. It is pretty with the rose petals inside, but it isn’t my favorite product. So i will be passing it along unopened.

The Fourth Item I will also be passing along. It is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. It is actually a good brow product. I also currently have three in my collection. It is a nice formula that I do use. It isn’t my favorite formula, but it is nice. For some reason the Brow Wiz has been popping up a lot lately for me. Most of the time my bangs cover my brows so i just give them a good comb with a spoolie. My favorite brow product is from Billion dollar Brows and it is the pomade, so I tend to reach for that first. I know Macy’s can’t be blamed for me already having a product, but it is still disappointing to pass along.

The final item i will be keeping. It is the Sea Salt Surf from the Broken Top Candle Company. It is an essential oil Perfume. A sniff of the tip smells nice so I will roll it into my perfume trials and see how it performs. I know it is the reason there are no perfume samples in this month’s box so it is a relief that i did like the scent of it.

Over all the products were nice. the notebook felt cheap and the lack of perfume samples made it feel like something was missing. I think what actually disappoints me is that this beauty box is often one where I end up getting samples from brands I’ve never heard of or only heard of and never tried. With the exception of the Broken Top Candle Co’s scent, I knew these products and these brands. Four out of five of them I knew were female owned. while I generally love the trying out new things aspect of subscription boxes, I think this month they played it really safe. I think this would have been a good time to play up products that people might not have realized were women owned.

It wasn’t a bad box, in fact the products are over all very good. They are just safe and familiar. Except for the notebook. That was just cheap. For the first time since starting this subscription, I am actually contemplating letting them go. I will be paying close attention next month to see how they perform. If they continue in the okay but not great category I might let them go and give another subscription a try. There are so many out there now and I am at the point where I can’t really try out another one without letting something go. Part of that is monetary, I can only afford to pay for so many subscription boxes. The other part is product acquisition. It is actually more of a factor than money on occasion when dealing with subscription boxes. Too many subscriptions and you end up with product overload. I love subscription boxes, but it is a balance. Macy’s is one I will be watching closely in the next few months. Perhaps it might be time to let it go or this could just me an off month and next month they will come out gang busters. They have had some spectacular boxes so I am not willing to give up on them yet. But I will be watching.

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