The under eye mask trials continue with The Dew of the Gods

These may be the strangest under eye masks I have tried this far. This set comes from a pack of ten. They are The Dew of the Gods Filla Under Eye Volumizing Collagen Pads. These eye masks come in a metal canister, which I actually like quite a lot. I can always find ways to reuse metal and glass containers around the house. I always feel that if i can give them a second or third life before they end up going to the actual recycling then it is better than just using and recycling.

So with the packaging, we were off to a good start. According to the brand website…

Your eyes are the portal to your being; an indicator of wellness and the storyteller of a life well-lived. They’re also terrible liars, and everyone knows when you’re tired. But why inject when you can object — to dull, tired under eyes with the powerful bounce of hydrogel, collagen, vitamin-c and witch hazel to plump, lift and revitalize your look. It’s like an iced coffee for the soul, 30 minutes of bliss. Each filla pad is blessed by a zen Buddhist monk to inspire the power of gratitude. What are you thankful for?

The Dew of the Gods

Personally I have never had blessed under eye masks before, but hey, why not. I’ll never object to additional blessings coming my way. Each set of these masks are individually wrapped in these narrow packets. The top is torn off of the packet and the eye masks are loose inside. Interestingly enough, there is no serum. The pads are dry with a backing paper over the sticky part (which I’m guessing is the gel as well as the stick that keeps them on your face.

I don’t mind them being dry, but even though they were dry they were just as hard to get out of the narrow packaging. I literally had to slice it down the side with a pair of scissors to get them out as they kept sticking to the sides.

purple side is felt like material and the other side is peel off paper

Once I had them free, application was easy. One side was soft felt like material and the other had a peel off back. I peeled off the back and applied them to my face. They adhere easily and hug the skin. Plus because there is no free floating serum they are easy to apply and leave no mess on your hands. There is no dripping because there is nothing to drip. In addition to the lack of excess serum, these masks require that you wear them for thirty minutes instead of fifteen. So when setting the timer, remember to set it accordingly.

Interestingly enough as they sit, the skin does start to feel a little cold and as though there is the sensation of liquid between your skin and the eye pads. After about fifteen minutes I did feel as though my eyes were receiving a bit of a wake up call. and after thirty minutes I did feel refreshed.

excuse the hair as I just came back from a walk when I applied them

Peeling the eye masks off was like peeling a sticker from the skin. Admittedly it was a sticker that lost most of it’s stick. It still felt a bit similar. And a sticky residue was left on the skin. I had to wash this off because it was driving me a bit crazy. It felt nice and I do feel a bit more awake. It was a decent eye mask that I wouldn’t mind using again. I don’t think it is better than any of the other eye masks I’ve tried, even if it is blessed by monks. But it isn’t a bad eye mask. I will certainly use up all that are in the container. And for $20 for the container, I wouldn’t mind picking these up again. I don’t think they will ever be my favorite, but these Filla Under Eye Volumizing Collagen Pads are well worth having around.

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