The Daily: March 23rd, 2022

Have you ever had a day where the hits just don’t stop coming? As soon as you sit down and think, “okay now let’s hit that to do list,’ something happens and you have to go into emergency mode?

well maybe emergency mode is a bit strong. Nothing was technically an emergency. It was just a list of unexpected things that arose that it was best to get done right away so that things could be cleared off and not actually morph into emergencies.

It seems like for the past few months there has been one of those days every other week. I’m hoping things slow down a little but at least I have learned that dealing with them immediately is the way to go.

It does mean that there is no makeup today. I made it through my morning skin care before i had to hit the ground running this morning. And lunch was one of the Smoothie Box Cacao Smoothies mixed with cold brew coffee instead of milk today. I missed my morning cup and ended up needing the caffeine hit.

And because it is Wednesday, as soon as I am sure nothing else is going to go bonkers, I am settling in with my Bl’eau Face mask for fifteen minutes of mental calm. This is the second week of testing for the Bl’eau Glacial Oceanic Clay mask and not only am I loving the mask (it is turning out to be a really good one) but because I committed to testing this for a month three times a week, I feel obligated to take that fifteen minute masking break mid week.

I know that sounds a little strange, but even though I like using masks regularly when the days get busy I will push it off to the side. Because I am testing the mask it is part of a trial. Which means it can’t just be blown off and forgotten. It has to be done. And honestly I always feel better after I take that fifteen minutes down. It clears down my brain and actually helps me get all the things I need to get done completed.

That fact more than any other is a reason for me to keep doing month long masking trials. the skincare benefits are great of course, but the mental health break is priceless.

It is also something to look forward to when things are crazy. I have a few more things I need to do and then, I am taking my break (mostly because I want to make sure I don’t have to run out of the house again today before i put the mask on). And we will see where the day ends up taking me. So deep breath and back to work for me.

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