Face Mask Friday: Week Two of Bl’eau

I am working on a four week trial of the Glacial Oceanic Clay Face mask From Bl’eau Beauty. They kindly sent it to me to try out and review. This is the end of the second week and I noticed after I applied today’s mask that I am also about half way through the container. I have always had the tendency to apply face masks a little heavier than I probably need to. I always remind myself to lighten up the application, but somehow never do.


I think part of it is that I like that full mask of product and don’t really like it when it is streaky. I actually sit there with my little skincare spatula and make sure the lines are smoothed out. I know probably a sign of OCD tendencies, but I try not to get too obsessive about it.


However you tuned in today to hear about the Bl’eau Beauty mask. This second week has been interesting.

In the first week there were a lot of clogged pores that had been deeply buried that worked themselves to the surface to be cleared away. I was actually kind of amazed at the ones that came up. This week, I spent more time with a face mask on wandering out and about in the world than I usually do during the work week. There were meetings and a lot of places with crowds. Also the weather warmed back up. And grew humid.

Post Masking

So hot breath inside the mask hot humid air outside the mask…yeah clogged pores on the chin. But they weren’t deep clogs and Wednesday’s mask just sort of pulled them right up before they could get comfortable and cause issues. So I was pleased.

I have also noticed that when I first wash off the mask, my skin has this nice glow-y look to it. The longer I use the mask (days not letting the mask sit for longer than recommended) the longer that glow-y look lasts. and I don’t mean glow-y as in, oh look at that highlight, I mean it as in Wow my skin looks great today kind of way.

The second week is when I find that face masks have three options. They can stop working because they have now fixed the problem you were using them to address. They can start to cause issues or they can continue to work beautifully. This mask continued to work beautifully. It is quite the relief. And now that I know this mask is going to continue working well for myu skin I am going to spend this next week taking a deep dive into the ingredients list and see if I can figure out exactly what it is that my skin likes so much.

So into the Glacial Oceanic Clay Mask ingredients list I go. Whish me luck.

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