Thirty Days of the Dime Eyelash Boost Serum

For the past month I have been using the Dime Eyelash Boost Serum to test out how it performed. It is a serum that is applied each night and I have been using it as my last step in my skincare routine in the evenings. I figured that as long as I placed it with my moisturizers and other skin care items there was less of a chance that I would forget it.

And with products like this continued application is sort of key to getting them to perform. Before I get into my month long experience, let’s take a quick look at the product claims.

Grow your own naturally full and beautifully long lashes with the help of our best-selling Eyelash Boost Serum. Formulated with clean ingredients that are gentle and nice to your skin! Improve length, density, and strength of hair as well as overall follicle health thanks to a proprietary blend of amino acids and peptides.

Key Benefits: Improves the appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows, Builds up hair for a longer life span and tenure in hair follicles, All ingredients a 1 rating on the EWG scale, Vegan + Cruelty-Free.

Dime Beauty

Now I did a first use post of this serum when I started the trial if you’d like to look back for reference (I’ll be using the before pictures of my lashes from there.) The application is a thin brush. The brush is very good at applying the product to the base of the lashes. It is perfectly designed for that. And I know that applying serum to the base of the lashes helps them grow strong. It was somewhat of an annoying application to apply to the lashes themselves. I found myself wishing for a wand like a mascara would have. I think that would have been better. I often ended up with kind of clumpy droplets on my lashes with the application. I think with a mascara brush I would have achieved greater distribution on the lashes.

As for longer lashes, I can’t say that I see that much difference. I will say that the lashes feel healthier. And they might feel a little fuller. which is not a bad result actually. My lashes were fairly healthy going into this trial and they just got healthier with the serum. The amino acids, aloe, Vitamin B5 and various fruit and vegetable extracts all conspired to make my lashes soft and healthy. I think that if my lashes had been less healthy I would have seen more of a difference.

And that seems to be the trick with these eye lash growth serums.

I spent a while trying to come to terms with false eye lashes and only succeeded in ripping out the bulk of my lashes and discovering that there are a few lash glues that i am allergic to. As an aside, let me tell you, finding out you are allergic to lash glue while using it on your eyes is not the way to go. even though it feels strange to test stuff like that on your arm do it. It is much better to have a reaction on your inner arm then on your eyelids. I also ended up deciding that false lashes just aren’t my thing. I like the look, I’m just going to content myself with my lashes and better mascaras.

before on the Left and after 30 days on the right. The condition is better and they do look a little fuller at the base.

The point of the adventure was that I ripped out many of my lashes and irritated my lash line and then spent quite some time growing my lashes back. If you are in a state where you are trying to grow back lashes or improve the health of poor lashes, then I would recommend something like this. Is it my favorite? No.

It sort of sits in the good for you but not spectacular range. For growth I would go for the Grande lash serum as it worrks fantastically well and for general healthy lashes and lash conditioning (to prevent breakage) I would go to the Dermelect version. The Dermelect has a Mascara like wand so you can ensure even distribution and it really keeps the lashes healthy. Both products are spectacular.

This Dime Beauty Version is a good lash conditioner. After a month of use, the tube of Dime Beauty eyelash Boost Serum is mostly empty of product. There are a few drops left so i will use them up and let the tube go. I would use this product if it came into my life again, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase it. It is a fine product, I just know that there are better ones out there.

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