Eye Mask Review: Grace and Stella Everything is better in Pink

I tried to resist. Grace and Stella are one of my all time favorite eye masks. Their gold Eye masks are a staple for me during allergy season. One of the reason I started on my quest to work through my single sets of eye masks was because I was constantly turning to the energizing eye masks from Grace and Stella and ignoring the others.

Hence the build up.

So I was trying out other eye masks to see if they were worthy of adding to my eye mask purchasing list. And then this box of 12 eye masks arrived in my BoxyCharm. I’m not complaining. But it did mean I had to exercise a lot of will power.

But today, my will power failed and I opened the box. I just wanted to see how they compared to the originals and then I will set the box aside and continue working through my single sets. This set of eye masks are a little different than the gold ones. The god ones are listed as energizing, these are collagen boosting. Let’s take a look at the website for a minute.

You’ve seen them in gold. They’ve been a cult favorite for years. You’ve endured many early mornings with the help of them. They’re the best wake-up ritual, and now…they come in pink.

With a slightly different formula, our Pretty In Pink Eye Masks are focused on firming and hydrating the under eyes. Formulated with Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 to stimulate and boost collagen production, Fructose to attract and retain moisture in the skin, and Horse Chestnut to maintain healthy blood circulation and strengthen capillaries (bye, dark circles!), these eye masks are the key to improving skin texture and firmness.

We’ve also passed over some of the best ingredients from our gold eye masks, like Chondrus Crispus Powder, a type of seaweed rich in anti-oxidants to help protect skin from blue light exposure, and Glycerin for drawing in moisture to the deeper layers of the skin, leaving the skin hydrated and smooth.

They’re everything and more – and they’re in pink. 

Grace and Stella

I’ll be honest, I am not a big fan of pink. I kind of think of it as a wishy washy shade that doesn’t have enough of a force of personality to be red. But then I am more into jewel tones. That aside, I really like these eye masks. They are, like the packaging says more hydrating than energizing.

That being said they work wonders for depuffing under the eyes. they don’t have that burst of awake-ness that I get from the Gold masks and I do find myself kind of missing it. I do like the way they adhere to the face. I like the level of serum, the cooling and depuffing and well lets just be honest, i do like everything about them. If I hadn’t tried the gold masks and if I weren’t so in love with them, these would be top of the charts fabulous. They beat all of the eye masks I have tried in the past few weeks. The only thing they can’t beat is themselves.

I like these a lot. I will use up every pair and I would repurchase them over every other eye mask I have had thus far in my trial. But I wouldn’t buy them over the Gold Grace and Stella eye masks. And that is really just because I like that energizing zing. Otherwise, these are fabulous and I will happily use them. But they do come in second place to the Gold. Which I suppose makes the pink, silver.

2 thoughts on “Eye Mask Review: Grace and Stella Everything is better in Pink

    1. they are a one time use as far as I know. I know Dieux (dieux Skin forever eye masks)Makes some reusable ones that are pretty highly rated. I haven’t tried them out yest so I don’t know, but they are on my list to try


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