Unboxing the Allure Beauty Box for March 2022

Back in the day Allure was one of my favorite beauty boxes. It always went above and beyond what I expected in a $15 box. Then they increased the price to $23 but it didn’t seem as though they made the box better, so I let the subscription go. I am still on the e-mail newsletter list though and really enjoy reading the articles they sent. And in these e-mails they sent a deal there was a discount code as well as a new member gift. The new member gift was something I couldn’t resist so I decided perhaps now was the time to try out the Allure Beauty box again.

new box on the bottom, old on the top

The first thing I noticed is that the box itself is much larger. There is the possibility that it is just due to the new member items, but the box is substantially bigger. I actually reused one of the old boxes and you can see the size difference. I know it is just about perception, but the new box does feel more like a $23 box.

Let’s go over the three full sized new member items. If you sign up for this box before March is officially over I think you will still get these. After March 31st there might be different ones for April.) The first of these three items was a full sized Sunday Riley Light Hearted Sunscreen.

I tried a sample of this and really loved it. So I am very happy to have a full sized to kick off the spring and summer. (I’ve been using the last of the spray Neutrogena sunscreen that I had on hand, but i is almost out and I haven’t restocked my Volition sunscreen yet. so this is perfect timing.)

The second Item is also from Sunday Riley and it is a full sized tube of the 5 Stars Retinoid + Niacinamide Eye Serum. I saw this a while back and it has been on my list of products to try out so I was very excited to get it as part of my new member gift items.

The third item was the Pixi By Petra Lip Glow. I have tried out eyeshadow from Pixi by Petra but most of the items I’ve used from the brand have been in the realm of skincare. I am actually finishing up the last of a Pixi toner sample at the moment. and you know i love lip products.

Those were the three full sized items in the new member welcome. I think they are only available in March. They might carry over to April, but I just don’t know. So with those complete, let’s look at the actual box. As a reminder this is a $23 box and each month you should receive six or more items with at least three being full sized. There are Seven items in this month’s box and three of them are full sized. Let’s look at those first.

The first item I was thrilled about. it is the Blinc Ultra Volume Tubing Mascara. I love the Blinc tubing mascara. It is fantastic for making your lashes look really long and full. The mascara actually wraps a tube or product around your lashes to give them stable length. It is kind of an awesome product. I haven’t tried the new Ultra Volume version yet though so I am thrilled to get to try it out and see how it compares to the original. I am also thrilled it is one of the full sized items.

The second full sized item is a makeup product. It is from Eyeko. I love their mascara and eyeliner but this is something I have never tried from the brand. It is the Eyeko Double Act dual ended shadow stick with it’s own sharpener. Which is kind of nice because the shadow stick is too large to fit into the sharpener I have.

and yes my hands are incredibly dry. I had three hand sanitizer hits and forgot the moisturizer. I washed off the swatch and immediately moisturized

One end is a dark brown and the other is a shimmery coppery brown. I am going to have a lot of fun playing with that. Incidentally Eyeko is having a massive sale right now, this and all of the other shadow stick shades are half off. (most everything else is on sale tool) Plus you can get an additional 25% off if it is your first order from the website, plus a free sample. Which is kind of an amazing deal.

The third item is the Alpha H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid. It is essentially a toner that dissolves dead skin cells and brightens the complexion. At least according to the pamphlet enclosed in the box. The only reason I have heard anything about this is because it is also in the Glossy Box Easter Egg. (Which I managed to remember to order before it was sold out this year, So I will shortly have a second one arriving. I’ve managed to miss it for three years running so I was just glad I remembered before it was too late this year. Thank you post it notes!)

Also I am almost finished with the sample sized Pixi toner so it is time to roll in a new toner, so this is quite timely as well. Lovely Skin has a smaller size of this currently on sale for $20. They too have a large sale going on with most everything on their website at least 20% off. It is one of my favorite places to stock up on skincare.

The other four items in the box are sample sixed. The first of these samples is the Perfect Shine Clarifying Scalp Scrub from NatureLab Tokyo. I have used this before and it is utterly fabulous. It has a fresh clean scent and small enough particles so it can work it’s way through the thickest hair to properly clean the scalp. It is one of those products I am happy to have in any size. I will probably end up using it this weekend as part of my extra Saturday hair care. I try to do a scalp scub about once a month to prevent build up of products on my scalp. I can’t recall if i reviewed it or not but, I’ll look. If I haven’t then I’ll get it scheduled. It is quite fantastic.

The other three items i haven’t tried. The first of these is the Shani Darden Retinol Reform, It is a retinol, but it is what they call a jellied serum. I’m guessing that means a thicker formula, probably with a gel like formula. I have never heard of the brand or tried a jellified retinol so I may be rotating this in soon just because I want to give it a go. Plus I don’t currently have a retinol in my routine so I’ll have to introduce it at the right time. I always find this part exciting.

Next up we have the Augustinus Bader, the Rich Cream. I have heard of the brand before but I have never tried anything from the, I know they are quite pricy (a full size of this moisturizer is $280). I love getting sample sizes of pricy items. I have been known to spend extra on skincare but I like knowing that it is an item that suits my skin before I do spend the money. Because let’s face it, just because something costs a lot and other people rave about it, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Come to think of it just because something is inexpensive and people rave about it doesn’t mean that it is going to be for you. Skincare can be so subjective. For example my mother has almost the exact opposite of my skin. Which is kind of fun because anything that doesn’t work for me, she generally loves and visa versa so we periodically have an exchange and fewer products are wasted.

And finally we have the cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. If you have sensitive skin this is a cleanser you will probably love. My babydoll uses their products and this sample size will probably end up in his shaving kit. It is for dry to normal skin which is kind of his target zone. so I know he will love it. I’m sure I would love it too as I’ve liked all the other products I’ve tried from the brand, but I will probably still be passing it along to him. Which I am okay with as I have so many other delightful products to play with.

I will admit, The Sunday Riley Products drew me in. However even setting the new member gifts aside, this was a pretty good box this month. The three full sized items; Alphah Liquid Gold (retail $54), Blinc Mascara (retail $26) and Eyeko dual ended shadow stick (retail $25) more than pay for the cost of the box. Each box is supposed to have more than $100 worth of product in it and they have achieved that as well. Hopefully April’s box will be just as good. If it is, I may be keeping this Allure Beauty Box around for a while.


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