The Daily: March 31st, 2022

We have electricity! Finally. It is back. Things have been pretty interesting today. And this will be a short post as I lost a huge chunk of my day to power outages. There was no makeup today. We lost power which was bad but not life threatening. There are places around us dealing with fire so we were lucky it was just the inconvenience of a power outage. Helicopters holding those water baskets have been flying over head all morning. They’ve stopped now and since I now have power I am turning on the news to see if the fires are out.

Seeing the helicopters with water fling overhead is always disconcerting. It lets you know there is a calamity and since they pass you by you know it is near by but not in your backyard, which is a range of instant emptions from relief to guilt and concern all in one shot.

I’m hoping the fact that I am not seeing them anymore means the fires are out.

As for me, I am finally brewing my morning cup of coffee and getting a very late start on my day. I suspect I will be working much later than usual tonight. Hopefully the rest of the day will run smoothly. I hope yours does as well.

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