The Daily: April 5th, 2022

Oh my darlings. Today has been interesting. I did not sleep well last night. I periodically suffer from bouts of insomnia and last night was just one of those nights. None of my usual send me to sleep tricks worked so I spent much of the night tossing and turning only to just get up in the night to do some writing. There is no makeup today. Mostly because I am pretty sure I’d be bronzing the bags under my eyes as they are so heavy and low. So instead we will talk about some fabulous things.

The first fabulous thing I know about is the new Dunkin Doughnuts colab with Elf cosmetics. Have you seen this yet? It looks fantastic. I might go in heavy with some Elf products just to see what i have so I can see i I can make room for some of this line. Because they look pretty spiffy. The eyeshadow palettes look like they were well thought out although I am really looking at the coffee lip scrub. Now is the time of year when I really want a lip scrub to get rid of all the winter dry patches and I do love coffee so I suspect that will find it’s way to me soon. The collection is only on-line. The links will take you there if you are interested.

Thin Optics is having a month long sale for April, 35% off their best sellers. And for April they will be having special surprises pop up periodically. I’ll be posting them through the month. These are my favorite reading glasses. They are super thin and the case clips right to the back of my phone so I never lose them and I am never running around wondering where my reading glasses are. It is fantastic. I actually ordered a second pair just because I want to have a second pair around. It’s going to live on my night stand so I can use them to read at night while still leaving my day time ones with my phone.


And the Art of Tea has now released their seasonal Sencha Cherry Blossom Tea. It is an extremely limited run and they sell out very quickly. And they will not restock. They only have it once a year. I always get a box for my mother for Mother’s day, when I can catch it and she loves it. It is a green tea with a slightly floral finish. It is a little sweet but it has a tartness to it that I really enjoy. The bag is $20 but they have a 10% off with your first purchase deal that is listed on their website (just follow the links).

So no makeup break downs today. Instead I am going to get the things that need to get done done, indulge in a little pre Easter and Mother’s day shopping and then think about taking a bit of a nap. I know, not the typical Tuesday, but sometimes that is just the way things go. Have a good one.

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