The Daily: April 11th, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Ours was a quiet one, which was nice after last week’s company and the upcoming Easter Festivities. It was nice to have a break. Since pollen was high and stuffy noses abounded it was also an excuse to sort of stay in and just veg out. I had planned to get a little bit of planting done, but we had a cold snap that prevented it. I should know better, we never plant anything out of doors before Easter here. Even though April 11th is usually our last recorded frost day, we almost invariably have coldness appear on Easter morning.

Probably because the stores insist on selling Easter dresses made of thing summer weight fabric. Of course my Easter dress is thicker material so I won’t freeze so perhaps Easter will be sunny. I am wearing open toed shoes though which the Weather Warden’s might see as a taunt and decide to send snow.

At least that’s how I think weather tends to work. It only really snows when I’ve committed to wearing something that shouldn’t be worn in the snow. Or so it seems.

But there was little time spent outside this weekend. Truthfully, I stayed in and binge watched Halo on Paramount+. I also searched their upcoming movies. I heard the Lost City was out and I was trying to figure out when I could actually make it to the theaters to see and I found out that it was going to be coming to Paramount+ at some point soon so I went looking for dates. I didn’t find any but I am hoping it is soon. Mostly because I couldn’t figure out a time when going to the theater was going to be possible.

With the Easter Weekend coming up, time is going to be a bit too tight to allow it. Usually if it is a movie I want to see but my babydoll doesn’t, I’ll slip off to watch it during the day. (I love when I get the theater almost completely to myself. it only happens in the winter, once school lets out the day time will be packed, but with Spring Break ending I have a little time where it is possible.) Just not right now.

So shall we jump into today’s look?

Pre-Makeup Base: Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre

Primer: Yensa Tone Up Primer Essential Glow

Foundation: Yensa BC Full Coverage Foundation with SPF40

Concealer: Dior Backstage Flash Perfecter Concealer

Bronzer: Ciate London Bamboo Bronzer

Blush: Benefit Cosmetics Gold Rush Blush

Highlighter: Model Co Highlighting Shimmer Whip

Eyeshadow: Lime Crime Prelude Exposed Palette

Mascara: Blinc UltraVolume Tubing Mascara

This was a fun trial. The two Yensa Products were just sent to me by the brand to try out for the purpose of review and the Dior Concealer was sent to me by Influenster. As always my thoughts are my own.

Actually I chose a Yensa product for my IPSY plus bag this month and I’ll be getting the new Silk Serum Foundation so it will be nice to try the BC cream and the serum foundation out close together.

The Yensa Primer I have used before and have purchased multiple times. Although the packaging has shifted over time, I have gone through at least three bottles of this primer. It is fantastically pore filling and makeup gripping. I generally wear it under a matte foundation and it keeps it from looking too heavy, providing a soft glow. For me paired with the foundation it was a little more glow-y than I usually go. It was a nice change of pace (and I got several complements on it today when I had to nip out for a meeting), but I think I am going to try a more matte primer with this foundation to see how it performs. I think it is a case of one or the other for me. I like the glow of the primer with a matte foundation and I like the glow of the foundation with a matte primer, but the two combined was a little too much for me. If you like glow-y this might be a good combination for you.

I Will be trying out this foundation all this week and into next, and then posting a full review, so i will be rotating primers throughout anyway, I just couldn’t resist using the new tube of a long term favorite.

The concealer was also a first use favorite. While I have used Dior skincare, with the exception of their lip products (which I love) I haven’t tried any Dior Makeup products. This was interesting. A little dab will do so use the product sparingly. It spreads out well and sheers into the skin well, at least for this first trial. I really like the fact that it is a brush rather than a doe foot as it gave me better control. While I use concealer on various parts of my face i especially use it on my eye lids as a shadow base. Mostly because I just notice that skin is darker (slightly) than the rest of my skin so it helps to blend. Right now I am dealing with allergies so no product was going to deal with the bags under my eyes, but I did like how this performed for a first use. I am looking forward to continuing it’s trial.

While the Benefit Blush, Ciate Bronzer, Lime Crime Palette and bareMinerals lippie are all favorites I reach for constantly, I am still testing out the Model Co highlighter and the blinc Mascara. The model co is interesting. I think it shows up best when paired with all matte products. When used with anything slightly dewy or glowy it disapears.

The Blink mascara is really nice though. Super long lashes that last all day. When taking my makeup off I do find myself reaching for the Klorane Cornflower waterproof Eye makeup remover. It is gentle but takes off the mascara better than anything else. This mascara may resist flaking, but it also resists the makeup balms. It did not resist Klorane. I don’t think it is actually waterproof (although i will look that up) but I did need to call in the waterproof makeup remover to get it completely off. So that is something to remember.

All in all I was quite pleased with how things came out today. It was more glow-y than I am used to but sometimes it is nice to shake things up a bit. And I did get several complements on how I looked today so that was nice as well. But now it is back to work for me. I hope the rest of your Monday goes fantastically well.

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