Unboxing the April 2022 Glossy Box

My Glossy Box has arrived! This subscription is $21 but if you go with an annual plan it is lower.  I have an annual plan and I pay $18 per month.  I have never been disappointed and always find the box worth it.  If you want to try it out you can get your first box for $16 with the code SPRING16  What I find interesting is that if the box comes late one month, then the next month I will get the box early. In March my box came late in the month.   So this month it came early.  Next month I’m sure it will be late in the month again.  I’m not entirely sure why, but it is consistent.  I don’t mind it, it is just something I have noticed with this subscription. As always opening this subscription feels like opening a present.  It comes in a sturdy pink and black box (which I tend to reuse)and all of the goodies are wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a ribbon.  

This month I could smell something before even unwrapping it.  It smelled like a This Works product and when I unwrapped it, I was right.  Inside is a full sized Stress Check Sleep Lotion.  It is from this works and has a heavy scent, even through the sealed tube.  I am personally leaving it sealed and passing it on to my mother.  She adores all This Works products and uses their pillow spray every night.  I am allergic to something in their products and I can already feel my nose getting stuffy and the headache building. 

So I left the cream in the box and took everything else out while I put the box away.  And then I opened the window.  It is a very strongly scented brand and I think you either like it or you don’t No one seems ambivalent.  Anyone I talk to either loves it or hates it.  As I am currently assembling my mother’s Easter Basket so this will be going in there and I know she will be thrilled with it.  So even though it isn’t for me, I know it will be well loved.

The second Item in the box I will get a lot of use out of.  It is a three pack of Kitsch scrunchies.  They are satiny soft and stretchy.  I actually picked up a three pack last summer and wore them constantly.  They don’t pull the hair but are sturdy enough to hold my hair, which is pretty heavy.  By the end of the summer the satin was salt stained from my sweaty walks, but the elastic was still going strong.  I am very happy to have three more to use as we get into the summer months and my hair gets tied up more and more often. These are both lovely and useful.

The third Item in this months box I was thrilled to see.  It is the First Care Serum from Sulwhasoo.  It is a sample size, but I am happy to have this serum in any size.  It is an anti-aging serum that my skin just likes.  It works really well on reducing the fine lines and I will use every last drop of it.  It is one of those serums that I have purchased in the full size before and will again at some point.

I have never tried the Neolastin Revitalize and Firm Eye Cream, but I am never sorry to see an eye cream in one of my boxes.  I’ve tried other Neolastin products and I am more than happy to give this one a try.

While Glossy Box often has a lot of skin and hair care items sometimes they have makeup.  This month they have one makeup item and one that isn’t exactly makeup but not exactly skincare.  It is the Lash Food Conditioning Lash Serum.  It has a mascara like brush and is combed into the lashes nightly.  Since I use my natural lashes and not false ones, I am always eager to try out things that help my natural lashes out.  It is a sample size so I don’t know if I will get a full thirty day trial out of it, but I will try it out and hopefully the sample will last long enough to give me a good idea of how well it works.  I really like getting to try products like this before I commit to a full size. 

the tip broke in transit but it sharpened right back up easily.

And finally we end with the one makeup item for this month. It is a gel eye liner from Laritzy.  Normally I don’t get that excited by eyeliners because they are usually just black liners.  Some work better than others, but still just black. 

This is not black.  It is brown.  In addition it is a soft gel formula that is creamy going on but once it sets doesn’t smudge.  I’ve tried a couple of Laritzy gel liners before and really like them.  And it is nice to have a brown eyeliner for my collection.

And that was my April Glossy Box.  While the This Works will be passed on, I am passing it to someone who loves it.  Every other item in the box is one I will use and in a couple of cases eager to try out.  For me this was a very good month and well worth the price of the box. And I was actually able to get the Glossy Box Easter Egg this year (they have already sold out) So when that comes in I will open that and share it.  I’m hoping it arrives before Easter because the box would look perfect set out with the rest of the Easter things. I have my fingers crossed for that. All in all though I was just pleased I managed to remember to get the order in before they were sold out (for the first time ever! I usually forget and then realize I forgot after they sold out.) So I was very happy with this April Glossy Box and I am looking forward to the Easter Egg’s imminent arrival. Over all A good month for Glossy Box.

For a limited time you can get a little extra off as well, just follow the links below (with the assorted codes.)

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