Starry Eyed Surprise with Pop Mask

While I have been going through the single eyemasks in my collection, I found several  different single use masks.  Some are for the eyes, some the hands and some the feet.  So I decided to keep my clearing through use up and work through them.  And actually as I like the break in my work week, I may continue with single sheet masks after, But for today, we have one final eye related mask to try out.  

I actually tried one of these Popmask Starry Eyed Self Warming Eye Masks a while ago and while I remember liking it, I can’t remember much about it, so using it again is not an issue.  It is a little bit different because it does require that I take an actual break.  The mask itself goes over the eyes so it takes my sight for the duration of use.  The Popmask Starry Eyes self warming mask fits over the eyes like a blindfold. I tried taking a picture with it on, but I missed horribly and ended up taking a picture of the top of my head. (And I was so proud of myself for having taken a picture blindfolded too. Sigh.)

According to the website…

Starry Eyes is the ultimate heated eye mask. Maybe you have a few upcoming flights scheduled. Maybe you have a self-care sleepover party planned. Or maybe you just like being kind to yourself! Our Starry Eyes 5-pack Set provides 5 masks for the price of 4! Wherever and whenever you decide to enjoy them, you deserve it because you’re a star. 

The mask itself is made from non woven cotton, each heat cell contains iron powder, vermiculite, activated carbon, salt and water, all naturally occurring ingredients. The mask is fragrance-free and free from artificial ingredients.

When the pouch is opened, the iron powder inside heat cells reacts with oxygen in the air causing it to heat up gently. The mask reaches a maximum temperature of 100.4 F or 38 C and stays at this temperature for at least 20 minutes.

the back of the mask

When putting the mask on, it was slow to heat.  It took a minute or two to get started and at first I thought that it wasn’t going to get all that warm. 

I was wrong. 

After about a minute the mask was very warm.  The warmth increased slowly and just about the point where I thought, ‘I hope it doesn’t get any hotter, it stopped getting hot.  The mask then stayed at that temperature for about twenty five minutes.  Then it slowly started to cool down. 

Overall it gave me a good half hour of nice soothing warmth.  It is a longer break than I usually take with my midweek masks, but it was amazingly refreshing and I felt like I had just completed a power nap.  In the description pop masks suggests using it for air travel and I could really see this being an advantage on a long flight. 

My one issue was that the ear loops were a little loos on me. I ended up slipping my silk sleep mask over the heated eye mask to tighten the fit. That worked really well and was a pretty easy fix.

Actually, I often have trouble sleeping in new environments. The first night in a new place usually leaves me unable to sleep which is my personal downside to travel.  However I think that having these masks in my travel bag, might actually help with that.  A pack of five costs $20 and I think that is actually quite reasonable. I think I will be ordering these to slip into my travel bag.  I might use them at other times, but I think that is where this Starry Eyes Self Warming Eye Mask from Popmask might be where it can really shine.

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