The Daily: April 14th, 2022

Have you ever been going about your day like normal and then all of a sudden you remember something that you completely forgot and it changes everything? Tomorrow is Good Friday. and I am taking it off to begin the Easter Weekend Festivities.

Seriously I went about my morning as usual and then glanced at the calendar and asked myself, why is tomorrow circled in red? i think it is because we had company last weekend and so things got crazy and then I tried to catch up from that craziness that it somehow didn’t ocurr to me that there was more craziness on the way.

It is a fun crazy though. Family gathered, not only for Easter but a couple of delayed Christenings and all sorts of fun festivities. Everything is outside which is why I have the dress I do. It was gifted to me by Ever Pretty and I suggest checking them out if you are looking for an event dress.

I came across them when I had friends preparing for weddings. They not only have a wide array of wedding dresses but loads of bridesmaid dresses and other formal event dresses. But once I started looking into them I found they had a wide array of sizes and Ever Pretty had just good quality dresses’ for a night out. It doesn’t have to be prom or a wedding. And they are really well priced as well as high quality.

hanging it up to let the weight of the material pull out the last of the wrinkles before putting it in the garment bag. I love the rounded neckline, tapered waist and long skirt

We tend to go to our local symphony (or did before it took a bit of a hiatus) and I love getting dressed up for that. They have dressess that are perfect for that.

For Easter I will be wearing a long skirted dress. Not only because I still haven’t started self-tanning my legs and they are ghost white, but because everything will be outdoors this weekend. It is a fresh air social distancing sort of thing, which I get, but I have no intention of freezing my ghost while legs off. So I chose a dress with a long skirt and the material is thick enough that I will not fall prey to the winter’s attempt to prevent spring from arriving.

As you may have guessed, I did not make it to makeup today. I started to gather it, and then realized how much else had to get done before the morning. And so no makeup, just a dress and a reminder of Ever Pretty’s current sale. I’ll post that down below. Because I will not be near my computer tomorrow, there will be no routine posts, but don’t worry, normality will return next week. Happy Easter Everyone.

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