Unboxing the Allure Beauty Box for April 2022

Last month was my first Allure Beauty box in a while. It was a little different because they had so many gifts for signing up that it was hard to look past them to the regular box. This month is the regular beauty box, no new member add ons or extra perks. Allure costs $23 per month and has six to seven products, three of which are suppose to be full size. So shall we see how Allure did for April?

The first item was an item that I honestly didn’t think i would get. Allure leaked it as a spoiler, but then had so much response to new sign ups that they thought they were going to run out. So they added that if you signed up for the box before March 18th you would get it. I signed up on March 20th. Still I received the full size OSEA essential hydrating oil. OSEA as a brand is very hit or miss with me. What I like from them, I absolutely love. What i don’t like, is still good, just not my favorite. Which is not a bad place to fall. It means I will either adore this oil or just think its okay. I’m good with that. I also like that it is in a glass bottle and has a pump. I have this awful tendency to spill oils, or drop them with wet and sometimes oily hands, so that actually saves me from myself.

The second Item I have tried before although I think the sample I tried was much smaller. This is a deluxe sample I believe (it isn’t mentioned in the booklet.). It is the Elta MD Skincare UV Sheer Broad Spectrum SPF50+ It is water resistant, which my other sunscreens aren’t, so I am happy to have this one to add to my summer stockpile.

The sample sized Amika dry shampoo is a good dry shampoo. And while i did order my favorite dry shampoo as a summer essential I didn’t order a travel size. I like to keep one in my purse (mostly because even with clean hair, sometimes in the summer my bangs need a quick pick me up even if the rest of my hair looks fine). So this is perfect to add to the purse for summertime use. And I have used and like it so there will be no surprises with it.

The UVE makeup sponge is fine. I prefer sponges with a slanted edge but a makeup sponge is always useful. I’m sure it will come in handy at some point and an extra is never a bad thing to have. It isn’t all that exciting (unless there is something magical I don’t know about it) but it is nice to have.

for some reason it looks gold in the pic but pink in real life

I like the Saint Luxe Liquid glow. I think it might be a full size. At least it looks like it is. If it isn’t then i can’t imagine the full size being much bigger. I like the pink tint to it. The booklet suggests wearing it under a tinted moisturizer for a nice glow and the pink tinted highlighters are really good for that (at least with my skin tone.) and it is something I like putting under full matte products to help lighten them for summer. I can’t wait to see how this one performs.

Next there is a primer from The Beauty Crop. Specifically it is the Melon Jelly Dewy Primer XXL. I know, I love primers so you are expecting full excitement. The beauty Crop and I don’t always have the best relationship though. A few of their products I am allergic to and a couple I just plain don’t like. I will give this a shot though, however i will be reading through the label first and trying it out on my arm before it goes anywhere near my face. So we’ll go with cautiously optimistic to have a primer in this beauty box. I am unsure about the Beauty Crops sizes, but I think this might be a full sized primer.

And now we come to the final product. it is the Scratch Nail wraps. I have tried nail wraps before and they always end in tears. I like the thought of them, I like the idea of them and think they are a fabulous way to get fabulous nails. However I make less of a mess if I take out six nail polishes and a set of tiny brushes to do my own design. I know they are just stickers, but they are really strong stickers and I just never seem to get them to work for me. They are pretty, and I know someone who uses and loves them. So they will be making their way into someone’s Easter basket. The nail wraps are just not a product for me. I wish they were and I’m sure there is something simple that I am completely missing, but I think it best to pass them along. And maybe I’ll get my niece to show me how she gets them to look perfect. there will be eyerolling, but who knows, I just might learn something.

In the end I am pretty happy with this box and I think it was worth the $23. A few of the products I have qualified hopes for, but there are several I am looking forward to trying out. Was there anything that sent me over the moon? No, but it was a good solid box. If the OSEA proves fabulous I might be over the moon, but we will see. In the end I can say that I am pleased with the mix of products and the value and look forward to seeing what next month brings.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

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