Eye Mask Trials continue with Aceology

Just when you thought the eye mask collection had been sorted, a new single eye mask to try out appears. Well actually two different ones, and so before they an get buried or start accumulating in a new pile that could get forgotten as I switch to my favorite sets, I will add them in for review.

The first of the new comers we are using this week nd it is the Aceology Hydro glow and Deep Hydration Watermelon Eye mask. I’ll be honest, when I first looked at this I thought, Wow that is some waste full packaging. I thought that each pouch only held a single eye mask. It turns out that this is a set of two eye masks so each of the little pouches hold one set.

Which is far less wasteful and it also means I have two pairs of these. As always before i dive in, I take a look to see what I should expect from these eye masks.

The Aceology Hydro Glow & Deep Hydration Watermelon Eye Mask drenches your under-eye area with an invigorating cocktail of Watermelon Extract and Aloe Vera Leaf Extract. These hydrating ingredients wake up tired, dull or dry skin and promote a fresh, radiant eye area.

Watermelon Extract is naturally high in vitamin C, which brightens the skin and offers an antioxidant effect, protecting it from free radical damage. It also contains an amino acid (citrulline): amino acids are praised for their ability to increase moisture retention. Aloe Vera Leaf Extract is packed with beneficial nutrients that boast soothing, protective and water-binding properties. Together, these hydration heroes encourage healthy skin that is noticeably plump and bright.

This blend of skin-soaking ingredients is delivered through refreshing single use under-eye masks – a total treat for eyes that have been working over-time. Any product that remains on your skin after using the mask can be gently pressed into your orbital eye area for added radiance.


Usually eye masks are soaked in serum and then applied. These have a dry fuzzy backing on one side and a sticky side that is attached to the plastic on the other. Sometimes this style works out for me and sometimes it really just doesn’t. But I am always game to try.

The scent of the eye patches when they come out of the packet is a light watermelon. It isn’t intense and it smells more like freshly sliced water melon than faux watermelon scent. which is nice. It smells refreshing actually, which is what these masks are supposed to be.

So I peeled the plastic backing from them and applied them to my skin. The glue that holds them in place is quite sticky. You will notice in the picture with them applied to my skin that they are slightly crooked. That’s because they really didn’t want to do much adjusting once they were on my skin. So I left them catawampus. They covered the area I need so it wasn’t a big deal.

These masks are completely dry. I’ guessing the ‘glue’ is really the serum. Otherwise they forgot to put in the serum. (But I’m pretty sure it is the glue.) At first the eye patches did nothing. Then they got slightly cool feeling against the skin. That is usually the sign that an eye mask serum is absorbing so I was relieved.

And as they absorbed the glue lessened it’s sticking ability. There was no danger of them sliding off but it was as though the patches relaxed a bit. After fifteen minutes they peeled off easily and cleanly. They are still a bit sticky but no where near as sticky as they were before.

There was no residue of any kind left on my skin. The description says to pat in any left over serum, but my skin was as clean and dry as it was when I applied the eye patches so there was nothing to pat in.

While I did enjoy the cooling sensation, there was no real visible benefit. With other eye patches I could see a depuffing or feel my eyes more wide awake once I used them. This was cool when it was on but that is it. There was no real hydration and from a product names Hydro Glow Deep Hydration, i would have expected more hydration.

In general I really love Aceology masks, These eye patches though were a bit of a disappointment for me. I will use the second pair, but I don’t think that I will be repurchasing them.

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