The Daily: April 25th, 2022

Can you believe this is the last week of April? I swear I have no idea how that happened. The months with only thirty days always seem to go fast, as do the month’s with holidays and this one had both, plus an extra visit. I’m pretty sure that was where all the time disappeared.

Sorry, it just sort of surprised me when i looked at the calendar this morning. It shouldn’t, but it did. So good Monday afternoon on this the last week of April. It is going to be a busy one. At least for me. This weekend the weather turned into spring and looked like it was going to permanently leave winter behind. How much Spring we get is always up for debate. Last year spring made a very brief appearance before summer came roaring in. I’m hoping for a little bit of a longer spring this year. But the spring planting is now done. All of the plants growing steadily in my greenhouse are now planted.

Well at least the first stringer are planted. Now that they are out, I am starting seeds for the next round and this week the direct sowing of seed will be done in the evenings. Then I just have to remember my watering schedule and hope that the weather is my friend this year instead of my enemy. My nails were demolished over the weekend and I have already started to look at a selection of ImPress nails for when I actually have to look presentable. I’ve also ordered a couple of nail treatment options to keep everything healthy.

I don’t know if you’ve tried Impress, but for me in the summer they are a life saver when i suddenly have to look presentable. Even with gloves gardening just does a number on my nails. ImPress and Kiss Nails are both part of the same parent company (I think Joah is also a part of them at least the website is all the same thing.) I like both Kiss and Impress, but Kiss tends to require nail glue (or at least the ones I’ve picked up do) and Impress has the sticky back attached. I prefer that since it is less of a mess. Plus the sticky back lasts about a week. Which means for me, I can do what needs doing in the garden Saturday morning, apply the nails for any Saturday Afternoon/evening events and then wear them all week. By the time I’m ready to work in the garden again, they are ready to come off. It is kind of the perfect solution for me.

After trashing my nails planting potatoes this weekend, I spent a great deal of time picking out a selection of colors. Which is usually the sign that my pre-summer stock up is imminent. I was amused to find they had tips and toes collections as well now so you can match everything. I can’t say I’ve ever thought of press on toenails but I can see the appeal. I might have to try those out at some point. But that is for another day.

Today’s Look:

Pre Makeup base: Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

Primer: Elf Poreless Putty Primer

Foundation: Yensa Super Serum Silk Foundation

Powder/Bronzer/blush/highlighter: Pur 4-in-1 Perfecting Powders Palette

Eyeshadow: Sandbar Mirage palette

Mascara: Big Poppa from Wet ‘n wild

Lips: Yensa Super 8 Lip oil in Pink Shine

While I am still testing out the Mirage palette from Sandbar, today was really all about the foundation. This is my first use of the New Yensa Silk Serum foundation. It is actually a new product. I can’t remember when it came out but it really hasn’t been out that long and it keeps selling out. I kept going onto the website and finding that it was out of stock. When it was an item in my IPSY bag this month I was thrilled. Especially since it arrived just a I was wrapping up the trial of the Yensa BC cream foundation (which I adore).

This was my first use of the foundation and thus far I kind of like it. The scent is slightly floral, slightly skincare scented. It reminds me of Vitamin C serums, which as this does have vitamin c in it shouldn’t be surprising. One pump was enough to cover my entire face, which was nice. Today I used it with a matte primer and I did not use concealer. I don’t think it is as glow-y as the BC cream so tomorrow I am going to try a non matte primer with it. I think it might work with them which would be nice. And as the look did come off a little more matte than I wanted I think illuminating primers might work better with this one.

Thus far it is performing well, however I think tomorrow I might roll in a concealer. I don’t think this formula is as full coverage as the BC cream. But for today this works as a good first use.

The Elf Primer and Big Poppa mascara are fantastic, as always.

I picked up the Pur palette because I just wanted something simple to grab and go. I tend to use this palette all summer but haven’t reached for it in a while. The reason is that the bronzer is my summer shade. It was too dark today so I spent a bit of time taming it down and blending it out. it worked in the end , but I think some of the powdery look today came from that. This is definitely a summer palette for me and despite spending time outside this weekend, my skin is not quite ready for it. This Is a July palette for me. I like the formulas, its just a bit dark at the moment.

And then we have the eyeshadow palette. Today I did a two matte look just to see how it worked. I only had to dip into the pan once for this brown. I did tap off the powder before applying. Then I blended it out. It was highly pigmented. I then used the matte pink to tame it down a bit. The two shades blended well together, but they were highly pigmented. Which is something to remember. Go in with a light touch and definitely tap off the brush or you will end up with fall out.

And I wrapped up with the Yensa Lip oil. It too is a favorite summer product. It is also one of the products that keeps me from snacking at my desk. When applied I just don’t want to eat anything until it absorbs. which it does after a time. It is a great looking gloss while you wait for it to absorb. It also smells slightly watermelon-y and doesn’t taste bad. I actually picked it up today not only because it looks good and is easy but because I need to look into reordering for Summer. I have a thumb’s width worth of product left and while I will use every drop, it is my favorite lip oil and I want to have it on hand.

And so that was today’s look. Mostly products I know with a couple to test out. And really the first day of trying out a new foundation is always about the foundation. It just covers too much of my face for it not to be. I think key for me is going to be thinking of this foundation as it’s own thing and not comparing it so much to the BC Full coverage. that is going to be the trick. i wanted to try them close together for comparison’s sake, but I need to see how they work independently.

But now it is back to work for me as we race towards the end of the month. Good luck with your own tasks for the day!

imPress Manicure - Bring The Salon Home

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