The Skincare Line Up: April 29th, 2022

As always there is a bare skin picture to the left. Last night i didn’t do such a fantastic job removing my mascara and it shows. Other than that I am happy with my skin this week. I will be rolling in an eye makeup remover this week, just because my Yensa tends to cloud the contacts a bit (its the fact that it is an oil). I’ve noticed that there have been more mornings where I end up waking up with mascara smudges lately so that will be next week’s change.

However, I am jumping ahead of myself.

The super man forehead curl was unintentional, it simply escaped my headband. As it still shows the improvement in the line I call my forehead’s stress crack, I think it should be okay for the picture. I will say my eyes are a little less puffy this week than they have been but with everything in bloom there are another couple of weeks where sleep or not, those bags will remain.

As always we have the skincare products used this week in the line up below. I forgot to replace my serum for the day time use so very little has changed since last week. However changes are in the air. So let’s see what we have shall we?

The Daytime Line Up

Cleanser: Kate Somerville Gentle Daily Wash

Essence: Time Revolution The First Essence 5X from Missha

Toner: Murad Hydrating Toner

Eye Cream: Sunday Riley 5 Star Eye Cream

Moisturizer: Embryolisse Lait Creme Sensitive

Sunscreen: Light Hearted Broad Spectrum SPF 30 from Sunday Riley

Everything in this list was used last week and everything keeps on ticking on. The Kate Somerville cleanser is okay. It is a decent cleanser and I like using it, but there is nothing that makes me say, wow I want to repurchase this cleanser. The most distinctive part of it is the lid, which I admit I do like. Instead of a twist off cap it twists and opens a hole in the middle. It is really nice and easy to use and I don’t have to worry about dropping the cap with wet hands. I love the cap. The cleanser is okay.

I love the essence. It feels good on the skin and makes me love my skin. To be honest I think the essence is one of the reasons why i haven’t felt the need to add a serum. I will, but I was okay this week without it.

The Murad Toner is nice (and yes I do use it before the essence, I was just weird with listing it.) It takes off the last traces of makeup letting me know my face is absolutely clean. And it doesn’t dry my skin. In general Murad always does what Murad says they are going to do. I keep one of their acne fighting cleansers around for back up because it fights acne so well. I can’t use it a lot because it will dry my skin out, but used when needed it takes down acne fast. Then I set it aside for later. I like the way Murad groups their products because it makes it easy to know exactly what it is you are using. And this is one of my favorite toners.

The eye cream is new enough to the line up that I can’t say there are massive results, but my skin absorbs it well and I haven’t seen any increase in clogged pores around my eyes (I am prone to clogging there) so at the moment I am quite pleased with it.

The Embyolisse Sensitive is proving that it is just as good as the original. everything about it is a slight bit lighter than the original. It has a lighter scent and a lighter moisturizer level. Which honestly makes it perfect for this time of the year. Embryolisse sent three of their moisturizers to me and I am beginning to think they are seasonal, at least for my skin. The Lait Creme Concentre is a great winter time moisturizer, the sensitive is proving fantastic for the spring (and my guess is the fall) the third is the Fluid and I’m guessing for me that will be a summer weight version. There are a few more weeks with the sensitive trial before I find out of course. But I think that is what will happen. Or at least I hope it will because by the time this trial is over we will be into much warmer temps so it would be about perfect timing.

Speaking of warmer temps drawing me outside. This Sunday Riley sunscreen has been working well. It has a little white to it when first applied which I kind of like because I can see where I put it. As soon as it warms to skin temp the white disappears completely. It can leave me a little shiny looking but after about ten minutes most of the shinieness fades. By then I am usually applying makeup or I’ll just tap my face with a bit of powder. This is the time of year i always keep a pressed powder compact in my purse. It’s there most of the time, but spring and summer it really helps.

So shall we move into the night…

The Nighttime Line Up

Cleanser: Yensa CBD Superfood Dual Cleansing Oil

Essence: Time Revolution The First Essence 5X from Missha

Makeup Remover: Makeup Cloths from The Turkish Towel Company (I’m using the cleansing oil as a makeup remover too)

Serum: The Nue Co Topical C

Eye Cream: Sunday Riley 5 Star Eye Cream

Moisturizer: Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre (Sensitive)

Lips: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in berry

The Yensa CBD oil I have used before and like. The scent is light when you start but if you let it sit around the scent will grow stronger. I prefer the light scent. While I love this oil for cleansing my face, when i use it to remove eye makeup the oil can cloud my contacts, so this coming week I will be bringing in an eye makeup remover to try out. Other than that it is a fantastic cleanser. And If I remembered to take out my contacts before cleansing it wouldn’t be an issue.

This week i remembered to use the topical C powder. I added it to my moisturizer at night, just one r two shakes and I really like adding it in. I will say though that the Embryolisse is the kind of moisturizer that can take add ins well. It has a good body to it. I am not sure how this powder would work when used with a thinner bodied cream. I may actually swap it out for a different serum this week and keep it to the side until i switch moisturizers, just because I am curious as to how it would perform with outer textures of moisturizer.

And finally for the night we have the Laniege lip mask. It is fabulous. My one complaint is that because it is so large I have one scent for a really long time. I think that in the future I would pick up a set of minis so I have three smaller jars and can move between scents. I like the berry but there are so many other scents I want to try and I feel a little guilty setting it aside to open a new one when there is so much product left. I’ve been using this for about a year now (I think. I believe it came in last May’s IPSY X) and it is still half full. It is a great product though so the complaint is just me wanting to try more versions of it.

The Others

Alpha H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid – A toner used every other day

Shani Darden Retinol Reform (used Tuesday and Thursday nights)

This is the last of the Shani Darden. The sample tube is alas empty. It was a really great retinol. It was making me a little bit sun sensitive. I could feel it on my first walks of the Day Wednesday and Friday mornings. Since I use it Tuesdays and Thursdays I’m pretty sure it was the culprit. So it is probably good it is rolling out of the line up. I would certainly use it again as my skin looked great the morning after I used it. I have it marked down on my list of products to purchase in a full size, however I think I will wait until the end of the summer to do so. I am just spending increasing time outside and it is just going to increase as the weather warms. So I generally use retinal during the colder months when my time out doors is limited. But this is definitely a product i want to try in the full size.

The Alpha H Liquid Gold will continue to be used, which is fine with me. I really like it. And will happily use this on up and then reach for the second back up bottle that came in my Glossy Box Easter egg this year. My skin feels clearer and less prone to clogs, even in my high clog areas so I am very happy with this. I will say that the first couple of uses stung and I wondered if it was too harsh, however the stinging faded and there is no discomfort now, just clear skin. I am a big fan and am glad this use will continue.

And that my darlings is the weekly skincare round up. Next week I’ll be adding a couple of serums and losing a retinol. Otherwise things are chugging along nicely. I am happy with my skin and while it may be fun to read about dramatic skincare, I personally prefer when things works smoothly and my skin ahs no complaints.

I’ll see you back here later today for the Friday Face Mask. Until then, have a wonderful Friday.

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