Trying out the Exo Nail Polish Remover pad

I am a nail polish fan. I will use faux nails for occasions, especially when gardening has beaten my nails up despite the gloves (we have thick clay soil with lots of rocks, not good for nails). But nail polish removers can be a little harsh. Plus I have noticed that sometimes I won’t think about my nails until I am somewhere far from home and then realize how bad they look. So having a gentle nail polish remover around that comes in a coinvent little pouch I can toss in my purse for emergencies is not a bad idea.

Enter my beat up nails. This polish has actually done a pretty good job of lasting. It is a wet ‘n wild nail polish in case you are wondering. As long as I put a top coat over it, it tends to last fairly well. I did have this polish on when I was planting potatoes and as you can see…it needs to come off.

I thought that the darker polish would be a good test for the EXO Nail Polish Remover cloth. This particular one is lavender scented. According to the description I found on Sally Beauty

Stinky acetone- be gone! EXO Pure Remover is a safe and glamorous way to melt away even the darkest polishes. What makes it special? Removes Dark And Glitter Polishes, Biodegradable formula, Non-Drying Formula, No Harsh Chemicals, Naturally Scented, Non-Flammable, and Non-Toxic

Sally Beauty
the cloth

I’ll go ahead and let you know I did not try setting it on fire. i trust that it is non flammable. I also didn’t try eating it and will trust them that it is non-toxic Basically what I wanted to find out was would it take off the dark polish and and would it dry out my nail beds.

The cloth when extracted from the pouch was very lavender scented. There was no doubt that there was lavender oil inside the cloth. While I don’t mind the scent of lavender, in fact I rather enjoy it. I have to say it was a bit much and worse my fingers ended up very greasy. This I’m guessing aids with the non-drying nature.

Fair enough, but I think they went over board.

About the dark polish removal?

the oil

It worked well enough. There was bit of polish left over. It did take time to remove and at one point I went to wash my hands and a lot of the residue washed off with the lavender oil. So the polish remover did break down the polish enough that the dregs could mostly be washed away. I had to go back in around the edges with the cloth wrapped around the end of an orange stick to get the rest.

So it worked.

But here is the thing. This is the sort of product designed to toss into a purse or a travel makeup bag for use on the road. It isn’t something I would use at home. Even if the cloth is biodegradable I suspect the foil lined packaging is not and it would be a lot of waste to use this every time I took off my polish. Wile I would pick this up to travel with me, it is not something I would use quickly when going from place to place.

the results

The excess oil and need to rinse my hands to complete the removal process means that while it is probably better to travel with than a bottle of nail polish remover, you still need a sink. So use in a hotel room would be fine, use on a bus or train, probably not your best bet. As it was, in my house I left lavender scented finger prints on my way to the bathroom. It is a good product and I like that it was gentle, but it does have some limitations. As long as you keep those limitations in mind, you should be fine with the EXO Nail Polish remover cloths.

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