Perfume Review: Clean Classic – Rain

That’s right it is time for another perfume review. Perfume samples are one of my weaknesses. We’ll perfumes in general are a weakness. I know loads of people choose one perfume and wear it all the time as their signature scent. My mother is like that, as were both of my grandmothers which is nice. It’s just not me.

I have never been a signature scent sort of person. I am a library of scents sort of person. I like to match the scent to the day, the season, my emotions or even to the emotion i am trying to feel. I have been known to have a bad day and deliberately spritz on a scent that makes me feel happy in order to help me alter my mood.

And usually it works.

I am a very scent oriented person. I’m sure you’ve noticed with not only the perfume reviews but the skincare and hair care ones especially. I think it even comes through with makeup. I recently had to set aside a faux coconut scented bronzer that worked really nicely but whose scent gave me headaches.

The point is, I like having a scent available for different occasions. Clean is one of those brands I have seen for a while and I have at various points tried several of their scents. I always hope I am going to like them because I really like the sleek look of their glass bottles and think they would look lovely on my perfume shelf.

Yes, I have a perfume shelf.

So let’s see what Rain has in store for us.

Fresh and pure hints of dewy flower petals wrapped around the purity of airy musk to evoke the simple scent of rain. Top Notes: Dewy Melon, Daffodil, Watermint, Middle Notes: Spring Daisy, Water Lily, Violet Leaves, Base Notes: Fluid Musks, Sleek Woods

Clean Classic Rain

The first sprits of the scent is well, clean and green. And to be honest it does smell a little bit like rain. I get the daffodil and waterlily right away and there is the hint of something underneath that smells a bit woody, which I am guessing is the sleek woods. It is very subtle, but enough to help ground the scent.

there is also something almost soapy about the scent. As if I had just given my hands a good thorough wash with a really high end soap

On first application it is nice. It remains a nice soft fresh scent for about two hours. After that, it seems to become slightly more astringent. It is almost as if the tannins in the wood have come out. It isn’t a bad scent, in fact I do like the slightly sharper scent, but it isn’t the same scent as when first applied. It is noticeably different.

And then after about an hour more, the scent is virtually undetectable on the wrist.

This was an odd scent for me to judge. I really liked the initial scent. I liked the secondary scent a little less, but it was still something I wouldn’t mind wearing. I hated that the scent faded completely before half of my work day was out. This is a scent that I could see wearing to an office, but as I don’t generally reapply perfume at the office I would only get about half a day’s worth of wear out of it.

Do I like it enough that I am willing to overlook the fading? If the scent remained as it was when it was first applied I might be inclined towards a yes. Given the change of scent and the fading, I am going to have to lean into no. Clean Classic Rain is a nice perfume with a beautifully sleek bottle, but I don’t think I will be adding it to my collection any time soon.

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