The Daily: May 10th, 2022

Today’s daily post is going to be short and sweet. There is no makeup today. Partially, I didn’t feel like putting any on. Additionally I haven’t really had the time to apply it. As I mentioned yesterday, we had an unexpected death in the family. It was my younger brother.

While the notifications went out, the shock was pretty big. With the shock now fading there are e-mails and phone calls galore. While some are condolences, a lot of it is the very human desire for connection and the realization that time is short. I’ve heard from people in the past few days that I haven’t talked to in years.

And then there are my mother’s church friends.

While I live outside the area for covered dish delivery, with my mother’s phone ringing off the hook, I’ve been answering questions about what foods she eats so they know what covered dishes to bring by.

While my family didn’t start out in the south, we ended up there and here death and covered dishes go hand in hand. To have one without the other would throw all of the church ladies into an unredeemable state of shock. And since my mother has been on the list of covered dish makers since joining the church there are many people who are eager to return the favor.

Not that I am in any way complaining. I know cooking or grocery shopping have not even crossed my mother’s mind so it is a relief to me to know she is being well fed.

When I needed a break from the phone, there was the walking trail. Thank god the rains have stopped for the moment and the flood water’s receded because that trail has been a life saver. at the moment it is less about exercise and more about escaping to breathe in the silence.

Normality will return, I know this. But it won’t be today.

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