Unboxing the Allure Beauty Box for May 2022

The Allure Beauty Box for May 2022 has arrived. For those who don’t know the Allure beauty box is a $23 per month box that promises 3 or more full sized items in their box each month. This month there seemed to be a wide variety in the products. The version I received is version 3. The Version number is on the top left hand corner of the enclosed booklet. It has the month, year and version number (So mine is 0522V3).

I believe all of the versions received the sponsored product of the month and that was a deluxe sample of the LatinUs Beauty Shampoo and conditioner. I have never tried the brand before so I will be curious to try them out. The shampoo and conditioner set is designed to manage curly, thick or thin frizzy hair. I have thick hair that sometimes gets a little frizzy in the high humidity. So we will see how it performs. I always like trying out new hair care products and I like that these are large enough to contain enough product for several washes. They should give me at least a week’s worth of washes so I can actually properly test it. Which is nice.

I believe the second item is something that all subscribers received as well. It is a full sized AHAVA Mineral Hand cream in the scent cactus and pink pepper. AHAVA hand cream is often in subscription boxes and I really enjoy the formula of the hand cream but I have never tried the scent. I may have to give this one a try just to see how I feel about the scent. Since my mom adores everything AHAVA I generally pass all of their products on to her. This one, I may actually keep to try out.

The next item in my Allure Beauty box is a sample size of the Acure Resurfacing Glycolic and Unicorn Root Cleanser. It comes in one of those foil pouches with a spout. As far as foil pouches go I like these as they tend to be less messy as they have the spout to control them when there is more than one uses’ worth of product. I might actually be able to get a week of cleanser out of this packet, which is enough to try.

With cleansers it is important to have multiple uses as what seems fine at first can over the course of a week dry you out or break you out. It is something that needs repeated use to determine if it is for you. This pouch looks like it has enough to make that determination. It is especially good for me as Acure doesn’t always do well with my skin. It tends to be very hit or miss for me. I have to admit, I am curious about the unicorn root. That at the very least will bear further investigation.

Our last sample sized product (all the others are full sized) is the Haruharu Wonder Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner. I know this subscription is a mix of full sized and sample sized products, but personally I wish this had been one of the full sized items. I tried the Haruharu black rice essence a while back and absolutely loved it. I’m hoping this toner is as good. I’ll happily use the sample size and I am excited to try it.

Our next full sized product is the Mudmasky Vitamin A Booster Blue Clay Mask. I know loads of people love this brand. I tried one product a while back and thought it was just okay but not something to get excited about. But perhaps it was just not the product for me or the hype at the time was too great for the product to measure up to. Iam happy to give the brand another try and as anyone who has read this for a while knows, I do love a good clay mask.

The next item in this month’s Allure Beauty box is the Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel. It is listed as a light weight gel moisturizer designed for use in warmer weather. In the summer time I do find that gel moisturizers make a great day cream. I am pleased to have this one around to try out and see how it feels and works with my skin. Now is the time to start shifting from winter skincare into summertime products. I have never tried anything from Benton but Aloe and Propolis both do well with my skin and gel is the summer weight formula. So I like the thought behind it and hope it works well.

And finally we have one makeup item in this month’s box it is the True and Luscious Super Moisture Lipstick. It is in the shade Vintage Rose which looks as though it might be a good shade for me. I’ve tried out a few powder makeup products from the brand but never a lip product. And we all know I love lip products. And moisturizing ones are a must for the summertime.

This month there were four full sized items which I appreciate. All of the products are ones I will try out and use. There are a couple of familiar brands and a couple I have never heard of. While this month was a little skincare heavy, the products are good and ones I will certainly get a lot of use from. I am very much looking forward to trying out the haruharu toner and in finding out exactly what a unicorn root is. And yes there is a part of me that wants to see unicorns sprouting from the ground with their tails still buried below, at least until they ripen and trot off. I’m sure reality will be less amusing but until I do the research that is the image that will stay in my brain.

All in all I have to say that May was a pretty good Month for Allure. I am very pleased with my box and already looking forward to whatever June brings.

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