Unboxing the Look Fantastic Beauty Box for May 2022

This is one of my favorite times of year for the Look Fantastic Beauty Box. This Beauty Box is $19 if you are on a month to month plan but the rate is lowered if you subscribe for a longer commitment. You still pay month to month, but you just commit to the subscription length. With my subscription it is $17 per month and it is always worth it.

In May each year they have the start of summer bag. They send out the subscription not in a cardboard box, but in a bag. This year’s bag is clear plastic and shaped like an old school shaving kit with a loop on one end so you can hang it up out of the way if you’d like. The zipper moves easily without sticking and the plastic looks sturdy. I am certain I will end up getting a lot of use out of this over the summer.

But while the bag is nice, it is what is inside that counts. This month there was no pamphlet with my box and no QR code to scan either so I am flying blind on many of these items. The first item however was out spoiler from last month. It is the Rituals Ritual of Karma Shimmering Body Oil. According to the website this oil is used to…

Reveal your inner sparkle with this body shimmer oil from The Ritual of Karma. Containing tiny shimmering mineral particles, the oil nourishes while leaving a satin finish and illuminating sun-kissed skin. The delicately sweet aroma of holy lotus and White Tea softens and scents, and the tan activator complex promotes a longer-lasting tan.


It smells lovely and when I applied a little to my skin I ended up more of a golden hued shimmer than a glittery shine so I am actually looking forward to using this over the summer with the warm weather clothing. I was worried it would look glittery, but it doesn’t.

The second Item is one I have seen before. I have the exact same sized tube from a different beauty box and a third smaller size from yet another one. It is the Paradox Repair 3-in-1 Conditioner, hair mask and finishing cream. I actually scheduled to start using the smaller of my samples of this product to see how I liked it. (I’m finishing up the Kendra Hair treatment at the moment). So soon i should know if this is worth stock piling or if the extra samples will be sent to other homes. But as I always love a good hair mask and go through them fairly quickly, especially once the summer sun started baking my hair, I am okay with having another sample of the Paradox mask. I’ll feel even better about it if i use it and like it, so for now judgement is reserved.

There is one makeup item this month and it is a Ciate London Highlighter. It is in the shade Starburst. I am actually quite pleased with this. I generally enjoy Ciate products. There are a few not to my taste but for the most part I love them. I had the Confetti highlighter and really enjoyed it but then I dropped something on it and because it was pressed beads instead of a pan of product once a few beads came loose the entire thing cracked up and disintegrated. I think a highlighter was the one thing i needed to have a full face of Ciate. I know it sounds strange but i get an odd thrill when I can do an entire face with one brand. I don’t know why, but I just do. And this is a golden toned highlighter which i love. So i am looking forward to trying this out.

Moving on we have a Bondi Sands Daily Moisturizing Face SPF 50+ Fragrance free sunscreen. Because what would a summer themed box be without sunscreen? I know they will crop up for the next few months and I am always happy to have sample sizes of sunscreen. I tend to be a bit picky with my sunscreen. There are just so many that I just don’t like. I’ll wear them if needed because it is better than not having sunscreen, but I do like to try out formulas. This far nothing has beaten the Volition Prismatic sunscreen in my fabulous to wear on a daily basis sunscreen, but I love trying new ones. And I have heard (and tried) the Bondi sands self- tanners so it is nice to see a sun protection product from them. And 50+ protection is perfect for gardening.

I have also heard of the next brand but i have to confess I am not that familiar. The brand is Skin Chemists and the Product is The Rose and Lavender Intensive Night therapy eye serum. The product I tried from them was a Rose scented lip oil or maybe a balm. I can’t remember but it was for the lips, it was rose infused and it tasted like perfume. I tried it and couldn’t take the rose. I am not opening this up, because the clock on skincare starts ticking as soon as you do and I have other eye products to work through first, but I am hoping that it is not as rose-tastic as the lip balm because i can always use a good eye serum for night time repair. So I am pleased that I get to try out something from the brand and because I am applying it no where near my mouth taste won’t be an issue. When I went on the Real Chemist’s website, I found several items from the Youth Series but I couldn’t find this exact serum. I don’t know if it is new or at least new packaging, or if it is older packaging. It is one of the drawbacks to not having the actual pamphlet. I am sure they are saving on waste which is appreciated but I would have liked at least a QR code to scan so that I could easily find the products. It will become more important as I try the eye serum. Then I’ll want to look into all of the details, and if I like it possibly look at purchasing a new bottle. This is just a little more difficult without the pamphlet.

And finally we come to the last item in this month’s Look Fantastic Beauty Box and it is the Gruum Klar Purifying Facial Cleanser. I it a plastic free cleansing bar with activated charcoal and lemongrass. I have never heard of the brand before but the cleansing bar smells amazing. It is a fresh lemongrass scent. I love the scent of lemon grass. I actually grow it in a pot every year not just for cooking purposes but because I love the scent of it after it has been sitting in the sun for the day. The pot sits on my back porch and it is a fantastic scent to have surrounding you at the end of a long summer’s day when you sit in the shade and unwind with a cool drink. Especially if you use the lemon grass in the drink.

But that is another story.

In general I am not a huge fan of cleansing bars. The only one I’ve ever really liked has been the Erno Lazlo Black Cleansing bar. That one I actually love. I am willing to give this one a try though, partially because it is here and partially because I just love the scent from the cleansing bar. Plus I do like activated charcoal in my skincare. Plus it is a brand I know nothing about, so that is also fun.

Over all I am quite pleased with this month’s Look Fantastic Box. Most of these items I might not have picked out for myself, partially because I had never heard of them. However now that they are hear, all of them will get a good try out. Actually i am kind of looking forward to trying out these products. Especially the cleansing bar. I think that might be because of the scent. It really does smell absolutely fantastic. And in addition, I also have a fabulous new plastic travel bag. I love these bags for not only transporting shampoo and body wash without risking them spilling over other products, but for beach use (goggles and sunscreen) and my favorite, putting a wet wash cloth and a few ice cubes inside when working in the garden.

It is fantastic when you just need a little cool pick me up when working in the sun. I meant to use last year’s summer bag for travel, but it ended up being a garden bag and was a life saver last year. As this is a long bag instead of a small square one it might have a chance of being saved for travel instead of garden use, but we’ll have to see how that shakes out. It is a welcome addition to my word though. The only drawback this month, for me, was the lack of information that a pamphlet would have provided (either a physical pamphlet or a digital one). That was my only minor complaint, and as I will end up looking up each product in greater detail as I start to use it, it is a minor one. Otherwise, i quite enjoyed May’s Look Fantastic.

US Subscribe 1-month to Lookfantastic’s Beauty Box for only $19 (worth over $40)

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