Using the Tresluce La Flor De Mexico Eyeshadow Palette

Okay before we get into the palette and its performance, just take a look at that cover. Is it not beautiful? And this palette has one of my favorite additions. The Mirror is held into the palette via magnets. It’s back is the same pattern as the front of the package. I think this is just a fantastic addition to the palette.

the mirror held in with magnets

For one, it gives you a large mirror to use when using the palette, and since sometimes it can be awkward to use the mirror in the palette while applying the shadow, letting you take the mirror out is actually quite helpful. Finally it helps with recycling. The mirror can be pulled out and continually used even after the palette has gone to the recycling bin. And with a cardboard palette it can.

So I am a big fan of the palette design.

I also like the color choice. There are enough neutral tones that it can lend itself to a neutral look and there are enough bright colors to keep it interesting.

But this palette does get interesting in its performance. There are three rows of shadows, each containing six pans for a total of eighteen shades. Ten are mattes and eight are shimmers. Over all I think that is a good variety.

with the mattes I found that they do apply deeper than they swatched. In the swatches all but the bottom row tended to swatch very lightly. While those shades are deeper, the other shadows did apply more pigmented when a brush was used on the lids.

It is a case where the swatch just doesn’t give you an accurate feel for the shadow.

Top row

While the mattes were a bit powdery on the brush, a quick tap before applying meant there was little fall out during the application. Here is the thing, each individual matte worked well. It went onto the lid and blended out beautifully on it’s own. It just didn’t like working with the other mattes. Whether I used an eyelid primer or not, if more than one matte shade was used, it didn’t blend well. It either remained two separate shadows or it became a somewhat muddy mix. Occasionally a darker shade could be layered over a lighter one and the lighter shade was just obliterated.

the mattes just didn’t want to play with each other.

middle row

When adding a shimmer over the matte, I generally found I had to blend out the matte shade to where I wanted it and then add the shimmer on top. I tried blurring the lines between the shimmer and mattes. Some of the shimmers would let you, others wouldn’t. Usually you could still see the line where shimmer stopped and matte started.

bottom row

However the shimmers were absolutely stunning. They applied well and stayed in place all day with little fall out. And the colors were amazing. I absolutely fell in love with the stunning green shimmer of Nopal. And even though it is probably mu favorite because I don’t really have that shimmery green, all of the shimmers were beautiful.

As with the mattes, the upper two rows were lighter and more delicate shimmers while the third row was the deeply pigmented shimmers. Even though there were some blending issues I really enjoyed this palette. It is a palette that I will reach for to use the shimmers and it is also a palette I will use when I want to use one of the mattes as a stand alone one and done look, or perhaps paired with the shimmers. I couldn’t get the mattes to blend all that well, but I like this palette enough to hope that it is my technique that is lacking and keep trying. For now, single mattes and shimmers. But I have my fingers crossed that someday I will find the magical blending technique.


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