Trying out the Baseblue Wet/Dry Wipes

For several years now I have been working to eliminate as many single use products as I can from my routine. Thee are however times when disposable products are quite useful. Trips where you have limited amount of space and or resources or camping, where you don’t want to leave anything behind and pack your trash with you are two places where cleansing wipes you can pack with you are a better format.

These Wet and Dry wipes from Base blue came in a recent boxycharm box and as I do have several summer camping trips planned where I will need to pack my trash out with me, these might provide an alternative to my washcloth in a reusable pouch. Usually it ends up being a couple of wash cloths stashed in the pouch by the time I return home. However since these are now in my possession, they might prove interesting alternatives.

I keep saying Wet/dry because there are two types of pouches in the box, one is in a blue pack and is marked wet. It is pre moistened as you might expect. The yellow pouch is marked dry and needs water to activate. According to the Base blue site…

Start your day or night, off right with our dual action facial cleansing wipes. Each individually wrapped face cleansing wipe can be used to remove makeup or as a quick refresher throughout the day. Perfect for long flights, travel, or a quick pick-me-up!

Baseblue Cosmetics

That is literally the only description of this product on the site. So lets look at how the cloths work separately. First we will take a look at the wet wipe. It is as one would expect, wet.

folded cloth

There is little to no scent to the wipe. The cloth is folded into a rectangle and expands to a little bigger than my open palm. While damp, the cloth is not dripping. There is one textured side and one smooth one. The cloth, in addition to being labeled wet, is listed as a makeup removing cloth. It removed face makeup and lipstick well but wasn’t so fabulous for mascara or deeply pigmented eyeshadow. As I rarely wear any makeup when camping this isn’t really a problem for me. I suspect if I was just tired and sweaty at the end of a long hike and wanted to wipe down my face without water, this would work well. If you are using this post or mid flight, just be aware that eye makeup removal isn’t it’s strong suit. Also I felt as though I still needed to wash my face after. It took off most of the makeup but felt as though it left a thin film of makeup remover on the skin.

opened cloth

The Dry wipe is of course dry when it comes out of the package. It is otherwise visually identical to the wet wipe. It has a wet side and a dry side. It is also listed as a Day Beauty Cleansing Wipe. when you add water, it becomes soapy.

There are not massive bubbles, but there are some. I applied it to my skin and then rinsed the soap off (I know, not rocket science). I dried my face and my skin did seem clean. I think that the pair is set up for the makeup removal wipe (wet) to be used at night with the Dry cloth to be used in the morning, but the truth is I needed to use the Dry wipe after the wet one to remove the rest of the makeup remover residue. I could however use the Dry wipe (with water) on it’s own. It cleansed my face when my skin was bare and it worked well as a makeup remover, taking off as much makeup as the wet cloth without leaving any residue behind. It did dry out my skin a little bit so if you have naturally dry skin then I would probably not use these all that often. Even though my skin isn’t all that dry, I would not want to use them more than a couple of days in a row. And even then I ended up using a little extra moisturizer.

suds when you wet the Dry cloth

If you are looking for travel cleansers and have only a bottle of water and a towel to dry your skin handy, these aren’t bad cloths to use. They will take off your makeup and cleanse your skin. I would be certain to moisturize after as they are somewhat drying. The dry cloth can be used on it’s own, but the wet cloth needs a partner. I do like that if I am camping, I can use a little bit of water and have a full cleansing routine, as long as I remember to pack the cloths and packaging with me to dispose of when i return. I could also see them being useful on a long flight. The Dry is more useful, but I believe they are only sold as a set.

The issue with the set is that I would use up the dry cloths well before I used up the wet ones.

Usually I like to end these reviews with either a recommendation to buy again or to avoid in the future. This one is a little tricky. I would not buy these Baseblue wipes for regular daily use. It is too much waste and repeated use would dry out my skin too much.

However, they do work better for the skin of your face than most disposable wipes. While I am not a fan of disposable wipes there are situations where they are very useful and possibly necessary. If you are in a situation where you are going to need disposable face wipes and looking to stock up, these Baseblue Wet/Dry wipes are a good option. Just be aware that they can be a bit drying and pack a moisturizer to go with them, even if it is only a sample sized one.

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