Unboxing the Allure Beauty Box for June 2022

I told you, it is now subscription box time. Usually thy are scattered throughout the middle of the month, but allure came in right after Look Fantastic. There are six items in this month’s box. Allure promises six to seven I believe. And three of them are supposed to be full sized. This month we have four that are full sized I believe. The cost of the box is $23. I actually saw no spoilers for this box so it is a complete surprise this month to me. While some subscription boxes I have to go out of my way to avoid spoilers, this one I never seem to accidentally come across. According to the pamphlet, this is version 2.

So what does Version 2 hold?

Well the first item out of my Allure beauty box this month is the Symbiosis Tightening and Resplendent eye mask. It is a 0.50 oz size which I believe is full size. According to the pamphlet this size retails for $93. Given the description I wasn’t entirely sure if it was some sort of concealing eye mask or an eye cream. From the description it sounded like it might be tinted. So I did open it (plus I am almost finished with my current eye cream and needed a new one) It is a light weight eye cream. I can always use eye creams and I am very interested to see how it performs. I have had products from the brand but I think they are in my waiting to be tried drawer. I honestly didn’t realize it was that expensive a brand. But I am up for some tightening, hydrating, crows’ feet removal so bring it on.

Item number two in the box this month is a travel size of the belif Aqua bomb hydrating Body Moisturizer. I kind of find this amusing as for a while it seemed like all of the subscription boxes were sending out the Aqua bomb facial moisturizers. For me it was too hydrating for my skin type so I ended up using them as body moisturizers. They worked wonders on my elbows actually. It will be fun to try a belif moisturizer that is actually designed for the body on my body.

The next item in this month’s beauty box I am sort of on the fence about. It is a sample size of the Sephora Smooth and Blur Primer. I like primers. we all know i like primers, however this 5 mL tube feels almost empty. I did actually put it on the scale and with the tube included it came to exactly 5 mL. In general I tend to pick up Sephora brand items when I need to add a little something to make sure I get free shipping, not because it is something that I was looking for. Perhaps I will use it and see why it’s presence in this beauty box is justified, but I can’t exactly say it thrills me to have it in the box.

Moving on we have the Beautaniq Beauty Raindrench Serum. It is a full size with a value of $26. It has Hyaluronic acid and niacinamides, both of which my skin loves so I am happy to give it a trial run. Beautaniq Beauty and I have had out ups and downs before. I am hoping this is on the plus side. Since the serum does contain some nice ingredients I have high hopes for it.

I love that the next item is a Ciate London palette. It is the Everyday Vacay Palette and like the Everyday Vacay powder, it smells of coconut. While I am sure all of the shades can be used as eyeshadow, there is also one shade that would work well as a blush, another as a bronzer and a third as a highlighter. They’d make great eyeshadows too, but i do like the versatility of it. I also see some shades I can’t wait to try out. It looks a bit more neutral than summer fun but the rosy tones do brighten it up a bit. I look forward to trying it out.

And finally we come to a full sized lip scrub from Manna Kadar. (retail $10). I do like the lip scrubs shaped like lipsticks as they are really easy to use. I find they don’t last as long, ether because they wear down faster or I simply use them more. While I have a jarred one I am using up, I was going to restock my ELF lip scrubs as they are nice. I am always happy to try a new one and in the summer, I do go through a lot of them. I have not tried the Mana Kadar formula before but it has a nice light vanilla scent to it so that will be nice, preceding it works well of course. I look forward to putting it to the test.

To be honest i had kind of mixed feelings about this Allure Beauty box for June 2022. While I am looking forward to trying out the items in the box, I can’t say that I find it all that exciting. I’m happy to have the eye cream and lip scrub as they are both needed in my line up right now. And I like Ciate’s shadows. It is a more useful than fun or exciting box this month. Which is fine, I will use all of the items and I’m sure most of them I will probably enjoy. It is just lacking a little of the summer sizzle I suppose. And to be honest, I find the Sephora sample a let down.

4 thoughts on “Unboxing the Allure Beauty Box for June 2022

    1. I’m going to have to look into that. I always have a hard time with Allure because I know some things are either or and somethings are standard. This box wasn’t all that impressive which if it was missing things would explain a lot. I did get an e-mail this week saying that the system was locked down through the 20th because they are making changes. No clue what those changes are but i hope it at least includes a clearer list of what should be in your box.


      1. Thank you for your reply! In your experience, do they allow returns? I didn’t realize some of the sizes were so tiny, tiny, tiny.


  1. I don’t think they allow returns and if I remember they have a designated time frame for cancellation of their subscription. with the temporary lock down during adjustment I don’t think changes are allowed until after the 20th which means you may not be able to cancel before July (if that is your intent) but I’d check with their customer service on that. I think after the tininess of Birchbox Allure doesn’t look so small. I am still on the fence about if it is worth the price. I loved my intro box and liked my second. This was my third and i liked it a little less. I’m hoping it isn’t a trend and waiting to see what changes they plan on making.


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