The Daily: June 22nd, 2022

Oh my darlings today is a day on the run. I think I drove more this morning than I have in the past month. And it is not done yet. It’s one of those days where errands are the order of the day. I started off the day with a quick dusting of powder and a plan to circle back and add makeup later in the day.

That never actually happened.

And I’m pretty sure I either sweated or sneezed off the powder. Pollen is high as are both the temp and the humidity. To be honest I nipped home because I sweated through my shirt and need to do a quick change before running out again. I am either going to have a late night with work tonight when the running stops or I am going to have a really long day tomorrow.

So no makeup, no fitness, just car repair and a whole bunch of other running around today. I did take advantage of a sale last night that i thought you might want to know about.

Tatcha is having a 20% Friends and Family sale going on right now: Code FF2022. I figured it was the perfect time to try a travel size of the powder and liquid primer I just tried in sample form so I ordered them. while I know from the sample that the powder is great and that I will more than likely enjoy the primer enough to want the full size, the travel size will let me test them out completely before purchasing the full size. Plus I am trying to use up several other powders and primers, several of which are almost but not quite used up.

Shop Tatcha’s Friends and Family Sale and Take 20% Off Sitewide with Code FF2022

Because I rotate and test samples so much I have several products that are close to being used up but not quite there yet. So I know they need to be replaced soon, but I was more comfortable picking up a travel size until they are used up. Then if I really like it I can get the full size once the close to empties become empties. Plus with the 20% off I couldn’t resist. And since my birthday is this coming Monday i figured it was a nice little present for myself.

As I have been typing I was eating my lunch (a Chocolate Smoothie from Smoothie Box – BTW they just released a new flavor, Mango). Its a great way to eat lunch on the run and still post the daily. But the last of the Smoothie has been sipped and my shirt has been changed (now is not the best time for natural deodorants, light colors may be cool but black doesn’t show sweat).

I know a sale and a new smoothie flavor aren’t much to leave you with, but hopefully it will help you out. And tomorrow I should get to test out the Givenchy foundation. I am looking forward to that one. Until then, it is back into the heat for me. So an extra dose of sunscreen a newly filled bottle of water and I am off. See you tomorrow my darlings. Try to stay hydrated.

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