The Skincare line up: July 1st, 2022

The Line up for the week of June 27th – July 1st, 2022

Let’s just jump right in shall we?

Makeup Remover: Nuxe Very Rose 3-in 1 Soothing Micellar Water

Cleanser: Clove and Hallow Cloud Powder Gentle Waterless Cleanser

Toner: Aavrani Balancing Restoring toning serum

Serum: Vitabrid C 12 Wrinkle Serum

Eye Cream: Symbiosis London Tightening and Resplendent Eye Mask

Moisturizer (Day) Korres Santorini Grape Poreless Skin Cream

Night Cream/Moisturizer: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Omega Rich Cloud Cream

Retinol: Kiehl’s Retinol Fast Release Wrinkle Reducing Night Serum

Lip Mask: Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask

The Nuxe actually felt really good on my skin this week. We started the week off with cooler weather so I didn’t monitor when I walked as much but by Wednesday the sun and heat were back and I still wasn’t paying much attention. I ended up getting a little too much sun and the Nuxe Micellar water not only cleansed the makeup residue, it really helped soothe the too much sun skin. While the sunblock kept the skin from burning it was the wrong time of day to walk and I knew it (I just did it anyway.)

The Clove and Hallow is just fantastic. It is gentle and effective and because it is a powder it really requires so little product for each wash making it really cost effective as well.

I am still less enthused by the Aavrani. Each time i look at it I think, wow what a pretty blue glass bottle. and then it somewhat disappoints. It isn’t a bad product, but it isn’t really fabulous either. And as I can get really good toners in many places for much less as well as many better serums, it makes me less than enthused by this toning serum. I don’t mind paying extra for good skin care, but the trick is, it has to be good skincare. This is okay skincare.

The Vitabrid and the Symbiosis have definitely earned their place on my skincare shelf. They are both cream products and lightweight. They absorb quickly and don’t clog any pores. I am enjoying using them and hope that as I am approaching the 30 day mark with them results will soon be more noticeable. My skin really drinks in both of them.

This week I rolled in the Korres as a day cream. I did this because as the heat and humidity are rising I am starting to feel much more oily and this is one of the few creams I have that is designed for oily skin (as I tend to only really need it in the heat of summer as a day cream, which it is most definitely the heat of summer now). And yes it is in a pretty (and fully recyclable- actually the packaging is recyclable too which I like) green glass jar. I’ve only had a couple of days use out of it but i think that it is going to be the perfect weight of moisturizer for day time use right now. I don’t think I could use it during much of the rest of the year, but for right now it works for me.

The Kiehl’s night cream is also working for me, but I have noticed I need to use a little less than I was using. I don’t know if that is because of the weather changes or because I changed out my day time moisturizer. It may be a little of both. It is is something that I will be monitoring moving forward.

And I am still loving the Tatcha Kissu Lip mask. Just a little is all my lips need. The scent is light but I likeit. I kind of wish it had a little of a stronger scent because I like it, but I am okay with it the way it is and it works really well. Oh Tatcha does still have their Friends and family sale going on right now (use code FF2022 for 20% off. I actually used the code to order a few products that will hopefully be here tomorrow. Plus thee were three samples with my order so I get to try a couple of other products to see if I like them (and possibly want to order them) So I sense a foil packet try out soon. But for now I am relatively happy with my line up. There are some favorites and some so so products, but nothing major wrong,. which is how I like my skincare.


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