Weekly Weight: 220.0 lbs

The Scale, July 1st, 2022

Yup it is one step forward and one step back. Although I have to admit that I was kind of expecting this a bit. My birthday was Monday and there was a large ice cream cake. It can only stay in the freezer for so long and so each day has featured a slice of cake. It wasn’t as massive a sugar bomb as I did to myself at Easter (note to self, must avoid Marshmallow Peeps in the future) but it is far more sugar than I am accustomed to consuming. I enjoyed it as well as the rest of the celebrations, but i am also very glad that Wednesday’s company finished it off.

There was also a couple of meals out this week and while this week started off nice and cool, the weather quickly warmed back up and my walking time shortened. I also didn’t replace it with Yoga. So I didn’t stick to my meal plan, I didn’t stick to my exercise plan and yeah, I gained back the weight I lost last week.

Also I have been trying to remember to log things in to the My Fitness Pal app, but this week I didn’t. I probably should have mad more of an effort to do so, but there is something that feels vaguely shameful to enter large slice of ice cream cake into a fitness apps food diary. I know the computer isn’t judging me, but it doesn’t feel good. So since it was my birthday cake and not something I just decided to randomly have, I decided I didn’t want to enter it. But then I felt bad about leaving it out of my totals so I just didn’t log my food this week.

I know, its a lot of baggage for a food log isn’t it?

But I didn’t want to lie to my food log because I would always know I had lied and I didn’t want to make myself feel bad. I am back to logging my food in though as I know it does make a difference. So next week I hope to be back on track.

The Stats:

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight: 218.4 lbs

This weeks weight: 220.0 lbs

change this week: +1.6 lbs

Lost thus far: 26.0 lbs

And so that is the state of me as we enter July. My goal is to try and log in my food diary every day this month and see how well that helps me out. I know it has been successful in the past, but only when I make a habit of it. Plus I kind of like having a monthly goal. Since I have so much weight to lose, it feels good to have a manageable goal. This month I have to log my food in each day. Since I know it will ultimately help me establish a habit that helps me lose the weight, I feel pretty good about setting it. If it works out I may start setting a monthly goal for myself each month. I like the thought, i just need a little planning.

And so, we begin July.

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