Trying out the Invisidry Shampoo

In the summer time dry shampoo is a necessity for me. In the days before i had bangs I could tie my hair up and be generally okay, but once i added the bangs dry shampoo quickly became my friend.

In this department my best friend is the Klorane Nettle infused for dark hair. It is designed for oily hair and it works well with dark hair. while it will have a smidge of white, if you hold it too close to your head, it easily brushes out. For me that is one of the important factors. i don’t minds if a dry shampoo initially puts a little white into my hair, but it has to come out easily. I have tried a few where it would have saved time to just jump in the shower and do a full hair wash, condition and dry rather than try to get all of the white cast out.

This dry shampoo is Invisidry Shampoo from the brand Maria Nila. I have never heard of the brand and this travel size came in a subscription box. it is described as…

A light powder spray that quickly freshens up the hair and the scalp in between washes. Does not leave any trace in the hair, making it perfect to use on both blonde and darker hair. The Invisidry Shampoo has a fruity scent of passionfruit and apple.

Invisidry Shampoo Product Page
the oily mess

The travel sized bottle, which I have is 3.4 oz and retails for $22. The full size (8.5 oz) retails for $32.55. For comparison the Klorane Nettle infused is $20 for 3.2 oz. And since I test all dry shampoos against Klorane it is a fair comparison. I have been using this Invisidry for the past three weeks and for the most part the white cast it sprays is minimal. My hair does look a little on the gray side right after spraying, but the cast does brush out fairly easily.

sprayed with the invisidry, the white cast is gray and minimal

It does a good job taking out the oil and making my hair look less greasy. The trick is always how dry shampoo works with my bangs. If I am combing my bangs straight down without doing anything else the Invisidry is fine. Unfortunately my bangs are in need of a trim at the moment so they are a little long which means they don’t lie entirely flat. They sort of part a little bit. (I really do need to get them trimmed actually).This was a little bit of an issue with the Invisidry. If I combed my bangs straight down all was well. Anything else and the ends tended to feather weirdly (as though the hair was too dry to lie flat and needed to fly up) unless I put a little bit of leave in conditioner on my hands, rubbed them together and applied to the bangs.

combed out

And when i used it on the rest of my hair I also had a lot more fly aways than usual so smoothing a little leave in conditioner over the top of my hair was necessary too. Just use a very light touch. I occasionally during this test switched out the leave in conditioner with a little hair oil. Both need to be used sparingly. The two products I used were the Percy & Reed Wonder Balm and Moroccanoil’s Light Hair oil. I used about half a pea sized amount of each when I used them and rubbed my hands together to spread it in a thin layer on my hands before touching my hair and it worked well. I tend to skip the leave in conditioner and hair oils in the summer because the humidity here almost always makes may hair look greasy but i took both of these two out of winter storage. they are both light products and I recommend both of them highly, just use sparingly if you live in a humid environment.

With them my hair didn’t become too dry from the dry shampoo, but I think this formula might be a little drying. It did work well and with the oil and leave in conditioner (not at the same time but alternating – mainly because I only had a little of each left from this past winter’s use, both now need to be replaced) there weren’t any over drying issues.

For me the part i had the most issue with when using this Invisidry shampoo was the scent. The description claims that it is passion fruit and apple but it kind of reminds me of the cherry scented numbing agent my dentist uses just before he goes in with the Novocain. I had a hard time getting used to the scent. It is a good dry shampoo and even with the need for a hair oil backer I would probably use this again. Because of the scent i would probably not seek it out. If they had an unscented one i would be tempted by that one. So in the end it is a good dry shampoo, just watch out for over drying and be aware of the scent and it is a good product. Do I like it better than the Klorane nettle? No, but I wouldn’t mind using it again.

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