Face Mask Friday: Cela Masque de Glacier

It is once again face mask Friday. When looking in my mask drawer I realized I had this unopened clay mask from Cela in the drawer. It is the Cela Masque De Glacier Clay Mask. I chose it today because it seemed like a clay mask kind of day. In fact any day I am dealing with break outs seems like a clay mask kind of day. And while the sugar break outs caused by birthday celebrations are mostly faded, they are still clay mask worthy.

the second reason that i wanted to try it out today was that it reminded me a little of the Bl’eau Beauty Glacial Clay Mask I tried a while back (and absolutely adored. While the above link will take you to the Bl’eau site – where they are having a birthday celebration of their own with 30% off CODE JULY30 – this link will take you to the full review post I did on the mask). They are both Canadian and both glacial clay.

bare face before mask

When opening the tube of the Cela mask it even smells vaguely like the Bl’eau mask, which was quite encouraging. It has a milder scent and there are fewer herbal elements mixed in, but it is the same clay based scent.

Dispensing it into the hand it is a much thinner consistency and I can see why it was put into a tube rather than in a jar. It was drippier and as a result I think I ended up applying it a little bit thicker than I planned.

It has almost exactly the same color as the Bl’eau mask once it is on, even if it is a little bit thinner. What I found interesting was the length of time it was worn. Most masks tend to be worn for 10 to 15 minutes. Yet this mask recommended that the mask be worn 20-25 minutes. It also said that a mild tingling may occur.

I set the timer for twenty minutes but instead of laying down and letting the mask do it’s thing I sat at my desk and monitored.

The longer wear time combined with the potential for mild tingling left me a little cautious. However there were no problems. There might have been a mild tingling, but it was more of a cooling as the clay dried down. While the above picture is of the mask wet, the lighter picture with the dried mask is after 20 minutes. I think if I had worn it for the full twenty five minutes then the mask would have fully dried down.

And now that I know that the mask isn’t going to cause any issues, I will probably feel comfortable wearing it for the full twenty five minutes next time.

But is it worth trying for a second time?

I think it is. I found the Cela Masque de Glacier clay Mask to be a really good clay mask

I enjoyed using it and I think that my skin feels quite refreshed after using it.

I scratched my nose by accident in case you are wondering. That is not mask related

I think that it may have brought up some of the clogged pores that hadn’t risen as a result of my sugar extravaganza. I suspect they will be rising later on as blemishes and will need to be dealt with over the weekend.

But I have some Zitsticka patches for them. And to be honest, I always sort of expect clogged pores to rise after a clay mask. I am always disappointed when they don’t actually.

I know I did a lot of comparing to the Bl’eau Mask in this post but the two are quite similar. I think the Bl’eau mask was a bit more effective and had an herbal component that this Cela Clay Mask lacks, but it was a good mask to use. The thing to remember is that it is going to have a longer use time. I think it does need the full twenty to twenty five minutes to work and do it’s pore cleansing best. Rushing it isn’t going to help any one, so just prepare yourself for a longer masking experience. There is something to be said for the longer relaxation time. I think I will enjoy it more now that i am not worried about what tingling evil might occur in twenty minutes and i am looking forward to using this mask again.

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