The Skinny on the Delayed Face Mask

Friday did not go as planned. I ended up pulled into a project discussion that lasted well past the end of the workday and but then the Friday Face Mask was no longer a possibility. And so we are catching up today. The mask I chose was one of the sample sized masks in my collection. That’s right I have gone back to working through some of my samples (as you will see on the weekly skincare line up when we reach Friday – I decided since I pared everything down last week in an attempt at saving time then I would use this to my advantage and roll in some sample sizes I wanted to try out.)

But to the mask! This mask is one I over looked for a while because every time I looked at it all I could read was the title: My Skinny Mask: Australia. which is fine, but it didn’t really tell me anything about the mask other then where it came from. When looking at the masking samples I knocked it over and found that on the other side of the tube it read: Turmeric and Vitamin C Clay Mask.

clean face to start

That actually gave me an idea of what the mask was. I’m hoping those two titles are just on opposite sides of the packaging because it is a sample size and that the full sized one puts them together. With this hope, I went to the website. The full sized mask comes in a jar and does have the full name on one side. To be honest, I would have reached for it sooner if I had seen the name. The brand is actually Skinny Beauty. They describe this mask as…

A 10 minute Detox for your Skin Powered exclusively with organic & natural plant-based ingredients our Face Clay Mask keeps skin soft, glowing, and radiant. A gentle yet effective formula leaving your skin looking refreshed, smooth and with a radiant glow. 

Skinny Beauty
the mask goes on looking like mustard

I do like vitamin c on my skin and we all know I love clay masks. So I made sure my skin was clean and dry, and I opened the mask. There isn’t much scent to the mask and because of the turmeric I expected it to be a sort of yellow color. I didn’t expect it to look so much like mustard. It felt a bit like I was putting mustard on my face. There was no mustard smell though which was nice.

can’t smile without cracking once dry

The mask applied easily enough. The clay is not a terribly thick clay. Sometimes when jarred clay masks go into a sample sized tube they don’t come out all that easily. This one did, which was nice. I applied a thin layer and probably have enough mask left for two more applications.

As is usual for clay masks it dried down. It looked less like mustard as it dried. In the ten minutes the thin layer I applied dried almost completely. It was also the flaky and brittle kind of dry. It did not want to come off of the skin easily, so I ended up soaking a wash cloth in warm water and laying it across my face and counting to twenty. This helped soften it enough to be able to remove it without a lot of harsh scrubbing. with the washcloth warm water soak, removal was fine.

Post mask skin

So was my skin brightened and glowing? A little, maybe. I think that this is a mask that would have to be worn repeatedly before any sort of results were to appear. My skin did feel very clean and non-oily which for me is typical for me from clay masks. I generally find clay masks remove all of the excess oil from the surface of the skin and this was no exception. As for the rest, repeated applications may help, but I didn’t see any change. Since I have two more uses in the mask and a penchant for MWF masking, I will be trying this mask again on Wednesday and then on Friday so that I can see if repeated use does show any results. (And so that I am not putting a partially used sample back in the drawer. I’ll compare Friday’s Pics to this and see if there is anything noticeable after three applications. For now, I am just going to enjoy the post mask clean skin from My Skinny Mask.

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