Finishing out the My Skinny Mask for Face Mask Friday

This week I have been going through a sample sized tube of My Skinny Mask’s Turmeric and Vitamin C Clay mask. The sample size held three uses within it’s tube so I used the first on Monday, the second of Wednesday and the third today.

Why you may ask? was it to clear out the sample sized tube and decide if it was worth picking up in the full size? Was it to see if any of it’s claims proved true through repeated use?

last of the mask on

Yes to all actually. I figured I could let the open sample linger while I tried other things (and possibly spoil before it could be used) or I could go ahead and use it as justification for mid week masking. Also as this mask claims to be…

Powered exclusively with organic & natural plant-based ingredients our Face Clay Mask keeps skin soft, glowing, and radiant. 

A gentle yet effective formula leaving your skin looking refreshed, smooth and with a radiant glow. 

My Skinny Mask
mask dried, no smiling possible

I figured that I could see if repeated use actually produced soft, radiant and glowing skin. I know most skincare products take thirty days to produce results but I thought that it might be possible to see if repeated use did actually show some effect, even if it wasn’t thirty days worth.

To be honest, I didn’t find a first use of this mask to be all that impressive. I could get over the mustard look of the mask, but my first reactions weren’t more than mediocre. I applied the mask, let it sit for the required ten minutes and then washed it off. My skin was softer and felt refreshed and cleaned but that is usually what happens after most masks. Especially clay ones. The clay absorbs the surface oil and is taken off with the mask leaving my skin feeling refreshed regardless of any other properties the mask holds.

removal takes a bit of effort

Living in an area where summer is famed not only for it’s heat but it’s intense humidity, this facet of clay is a big bonus and one of the reasons I lean into clay masks all summer. Even a poor clay mask is going to take off some of that humidity created oil slick on my skin. and in reducing it will give me less blemish problems. (I’m sure there is a more science themed way to say that, but that is my feelings as to how it works with my skin.)

But even though pretty much all clay masks will do this, not all clay masks are equal. Many clay masks do a lot for my skin. One of my favorites has been the Bl’eau Beauty Glacial Oceanic clay mask. (Incidentally they are having a 3rd Birthday sale so it is 30% off sitewide with the code JULY30, it lasts through the end of the month.) This Bl’eau mask not only gave me the refreshing feel of a clay mask, but it also drew impurities up to the surface so they could be cleared away. While it did other things that were nice too, it also had the benefit of being relatively easy to remove.

The My Skinny mask, is not the easiest to remove. It dries down and it dries down hard. To remove it I soaked a wash cloth in warm water, lay it over the mask for a minute to soften up and then still had to scrub a while to remove it. The mask took nearly five minutes to remove entirely from my skin.

Does my skin feel clean? Yes, it was a clay mask and then I scrubbed my face for five minutes, of course my skin feels clean. My skin also feels soft and nice to the touch. There weren’t any buried pores brought to the surface, but this mask never claimed it would do that. It did claim that it would make my skin glow-y and radiant. In the picture below I have my skin before the first mask (on Monday) and then after the third mask was removed (today).

before masking on Monday on the Left, post masking Friday on the right

I think my skin looks and feels nice. Can that be chalked up to the mask? Maybe a little bit. In the end it is an okay clay mask. There were no objectionable scents. There were no skin irritations or break outs. My skin looks and feels nice. The mask doesn’t feel spectacularly special and it was kind of a pain to remove. While I would use it if another version of this happened to appear in a subscription box, the My Skinny Turmeric and Vitamin C Clay mask isn’t a mask I would specifically go out and purchase. It is okay, but not something I feel I need to keep in my collection.

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