FoxyBae vs. FoxyBae: To leave in Daily or to weekly hair mask, that is the question

I am a big fan of both the weekly hair mask and the leave in conditioner. These two Hair products from FoxyBae are both ones I have used off and on for a while now and I thought it interesting to talk about them both (as individual hair masks) and as part of a hair care regimen.

I don’t know if it is because this summer has been so brutal but I have also noticed that a lot of my hair care needs have shifted a bit as well, so I am sure that will come up. Before we go any further, I should point out that my hair is long and relatively thick. It is color treated and leans towards oily rather than dry and brittle.

the replenighing hair mask packet

While I will use heated tools in the fall winter and spring, the thought of using even a hair drier in the summer is not one I want to contemplate so the summer time I tend to tie it up out of the way to forget if I am doing to be outside or let it dry naturally and do very little with it if I am going to be inside. I like to think of it as my hair’s summer vacation. I also tend to lean into repairing treatments to undo any damage I might have done in the cooler months.

I tend to use hair masks once a week throughout the year, while leave in conditioners will vary in use. So let’s start with the Hair Mask. This particular one is FoxyBae’s Replenishing Hair Mask. They come individually packaged, like drink mix, and I am always vaguely surprised it is a cream and not a powder. While I like that it is pre measured and has pretty much the exact amount I need for my hair for each use, I don’t really care for the waste of the individual packets and find them hard to open with wet hands. I have struggled trying to use them in the shower before. Sometimes I can get them to tear and other times they will tear but it won’t be in the right place. I find it easier to cut them open before I get in the shower, then set the open tube off to the side out of the spray to use post shampoo.

According to the website…

We’ve scoured the world to find the most nourishing ingredients and put them into this delicious mask to give you the hair transformation of your dreams. You’re about to go from damn :/ to HOT DAMN 😉 in no time. Our intense nourishing blend of ingredients is crazy rich in vitamins and natural extracts to help glow up your hair game.  Argan oil moisturizes, hydrates both hair and scalp to prevent dryness and dandruff. Coconut Extract adds lustrous shine and restores elasticity. Horse Chestnut Extract antioxidants protect against daily moisture loss from heat and sun damage. Panthenol B5 Vitamin helps with detangling and manageability. Shea butter leaves hair silky, soft, full-bodied with improved texture. Biotin helps strengthen and prevent hair loss while promoting growth. Nettle Leaf Extract prevents split ends and breakage. This mask smoothes & controls frizz,

while different masks these are the two full sized bottle sizes. I prefer the daily mask in the squeeze tube version

I really do enjoy the mask, even if I am not a huge fan of the individual packaging and because I really do feel it helps with sun damage especially, it is one I reach for in the summertime. It is one of those masks that does exactly what it says it does. When I use this mask I don’t need a detangler. My hair is soft and shiny and easy to manage. It knocks back frizz (I will generally see a reduction in frizz for about 48 hours after use). Because it does what it says I have bought and used it a number of times. I have to say that while I do complain about the packaging, I do take advantage of it for traveling. Usually a packet or two will find it’s way into my travel kit.

While I do lean into it’s use during the Summertime, It is a mask I can use year round with no ill effects regardless of weather. This is not the case with the FoxyBae 12-in-1 Magic Daily Leave In Hair Mask.

According to it’s Product listing…

The curse of bad hair days is finally over! Our Magic 12-in-1 Blend is formulated from the most nourishing, moisturizing, nutritious ingredients on the planet! Our 12 luxurious butters, oils, and proteins were crafted into this daily all-purpose, no rinse mask to be your magic potion against frizz, split ends and dull hair. Stop waiting on Fairy Godmothers and go from tragic to magic with a little FoxyBae wizardry. 1. Monoi oil adds shine and luster. 2. Shea Butter hydrates and nourishes. 3. Hydrolyzed Oryza Sativa Protein enhances volume. 4. Argan Oil smoothes and controls frizz. 5. Hydrolyzed Baobab Extract repairs dry, damaged hair, and helps stops breakage. 6. Macadamia Oil softens and creates silkiness. 7. Coconut Oil detangles and prevents split ends. 8. Amla Oil for fuller hair with natural body. 9. Tsubaki Oil helps preserve and protect hair color. 10. Pitanga Oil for a healthy scalp. 11. Biotin helps fortify and strengthen hair. 12. Kukui Oil thermal heat protector to prevent heat and UV damage.

hair just washed, left to dry and combed out, both mask and leave in have the same results just different time spans

You may notice that many of the key ingredients are the same as the hair mask. There are also additional ones, primarily oils. And I think that is part of the key as to why it is more weather dependent for my hair. I would like to point out that with this Daily hair mask I pick up the tube and not the large spray. i do have the large spray in the Flaminglow Leave in Cream Conditioner, but for some reason I just don’t like the spray version of this mask. haven’t quite figured out why. The tube has six ounces of product rather than the 8 oz the spray bottle holds. I love the spray Flaminglow leave in conditioner but for some reason not the 12-in 1 magic Daily Leave in mask.

But we will leave the Flaminglow for another time. (it is fabulous though).

detail of ends

This Daily leave in mask is fantastic during the winter. If I am not trying out any other products then I will use a pea sized amount on my hands, rub them together and comb through my hair. while it does make my hair manageable and soft, I also find it helps extend the life of my hair dye While if can’t help the roots it is fantastic for helping to hold off fading. However once the summer humidity rises, this hair mask can feel a little heavy and slightly sticky if applied to dry hair. It still feels fantastic and works well with no issues if it is applied to wet hair right after a shower, but once we reach about 60-65% humidity I have to treat it as a leave in conditioner and only use it right after I’ve washed my hair. where I live we generally hit the 60% mark around the second week of June and don’t dip below that until September.

I typically find that these products both have a similar effect on my hair. The main difference is that the Replenishing hair mask only has a lasting time of about 48 hours where as the Leave in conditioner, because it is applied daily, it has continuous effect. The hair mask can be used all year long with no ill effects, while the Daily Hair mask is only a daily mask September through May and then turns into a post shower leave in conditioner on the days I wash my hair. Both o really well protecting against the fading of hair dye by the sun, both leave my hair soft and manageable, smooth and sleek without feeling greasy (humidity attack aside). They detangle beautifully and all said, both the Replenishing Hair Mask and the Daily leave in Hair mask are very good products. It you live in an area where humidity is not a factor, I would highly recommend both. If you live in a humid clime I would just watch the levels and adjust accordingly. Both are well worth keeping around.


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