The Daily: July 26th, 2022

I know some of you are wondering why the Daily post is coming so early but the fact is that I will not be near my desk for the rest of the day. This morning has been accelerated. I got up early, i went on a walk, showered and got to work. The reason is that in a few minutes I will be leaving for the oral surgeon’s office. My babydoll is having some work done today. He had an implant post put in, but it didn’t heal correctly so no they have to go back in and do it again.

No one is really happy about it.

My baby will be knocked out and I will be driving first to the office then to the pharmacy and then home. The office is forty five minutes away. As the office requires masks in the waiting room, I didn’t see a point in putting on makeup so I put on a lip mask and will be sitting in a corner of the waiting room with my laptop until my ferrying to and fro duties are required. I’ll be working on my lap top but I never like to count on getting work done in a waiting room. Sometimes it is productive other time you look like you are being productive while studying those sitting around you. People it waiting rooms can be very interesting to watch.

I know you shouldn’t look like you are watching them, but they can be interesting. But now it is time to pack the cords and turn the cell phone off so the drive to the office can begin. Tomorrow, I’ll be back as normal.

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