The Mid-Week Sheet Mask with Beauty Pro

I decided that for a little while I am going to try to remember to bring back the mid week masking, at least when I am not testing out a mask for a longer trial. There are several reasons actually. The first it that I was reminded last week when I used the mask for three days during the week that I really liked having a mid week face mask. The second reason is that I noticed i still have a stockpile of sheet masks I need to work my way through.

one side of the plastic peeled off

I’m not opposed to sheet masks. I like them. I just tend to put them in a box and forget about them. I prefer jar masks for the most part. Admittedly I adore eye masks, especially as allergies have been out of control this year. Plus I recently received this clay sheet mask from Beauty Pro and I wanted to try it out.

That’s right this Beauty Pro Sheet mask is the Pink Clay Sheet Mask. You know I love clay masks. I have tried a few clay sheet masks out before and while some work better than other, they are generally like a good clay mask that doesn’t cause as big a mess.

bottom on with top plastic still in place

So i went and opened it figuring I could wear it this morning when sorting through my early e-mails. which i did. the first thing I noticed was the scent of rose. There is no rose mentioned on the sheet mask, so it was a surprise. Mentioned are Calamine, Vitamin b and White Mulberry but the scent it all rose. And it is a lingering rose. It was with me for the entire duration of the sheet masking experience.

both sides on, plastic still in place

As with most clay sheet masks, at least with all the one’s I’ve tried, they come in two parts. The clay is sandwiched between two plastic sheets. I find it easier to peel off the sheet, apply the wet mask to the skin and then let it warm up on my skin a minute while I put the other half of the mask on. The result is…well it is certainly a look. Not a fabulous one, but a rather memorable one.

plastic removed

With the heat of my skin warming it, the mask is more inclined to stick to my skin than the plastic. So I start sliding the plastic off and making sure to press the mask into my skin so it stays there. The hard part is getting it started. Once started it pulls off pretty quickly. I always have more trouble with the top half than I do with the bottom one. Eventually it was sorted even if I do look a little lopsided.

after 15 min

And then I went to the desk to check out my morning e-mails. Because it is clay there is no sliding and slipping. I could leave the mask on and forget it. Well almost forget i. The longer I smelled the rose the more it felt like someone was shoving a bar of rose scented soap under my nose. I don’t mind rose, but this was a bit much. It is a fancy soap rose if that helps you identify it. Something in the rose scent just reads soapy.


And then after fifteen minutes I went to take it off. while the mask felt good on my skin, I have to admit, I was pretty pleased to be able to get the scent away from me. So what happened during removal? Was it remove the clay mask with a jackhammer and the hottest water my faucet could product?

duty but done

No. while the mask did look like some kind of tan version of the mummy’s bandage wraps, the mask pulled of smoothly and as easily as any sheet mask.

It was dry as my skin absorbed the moisture from the mask and the fiber support system was just holding the much drier clay in place. There were a few streaks of clay dust on my skin which washed off with a simple splash of water.

rinsed clean

My skin feels great. It feels like I just used a clay mask, without all of the mess of a clay mask. Is it the best clay mask I’ve used? No. but it was nice on the skin, left me feeling refreshed without a lot of time spent doing clean up and removal. it has the ease of a sheet mask, but the benefit of clay.

Is it my favorite mask? No. It was okay although i could do without the rose scent. I was able to work at my desk while wearing it and not worry about drips and it didn’t take forever to remove, also a plus.

While I am not rushing out to buy a case of the Beauty Pro Pink Clay Sheet Masks, it was nice and I would certainly use it again. Next time, I would like to try to get one without the intensely rose scent though. That was a bit much.

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