The Daily: August 1st, 2022

Today my darlings I am exhausted. Last week my babydoll had dental surgery. Asper procedure he was tested before he went in for surgery and was negative. A few days after his surgery his allergies seemed like something other than allergies and he tested positive. Interestingly when he called in to let the surgeon’s office know he was told that he was on the list to notify that morning as the office was temporarily shut down due to infections. So at least we know from whence the contamination came.

It has been a miserable weekend for him, but I think he is coming out of it. The fever has been gone for about 24 hours now so hopefully we are through the worst.

Thus far I have tested negative, but my allergies left me open for a summer cold. I am sniffly and puffy eyed. As I had to switch to my glasses because contact were problematic, I opted out of makeup today. Since we sort of locked down the house in quarantine, there is no one I am going to see. All of my communication is by e-mail at the moment so I don’t even have to look good on video this week. I am hoping he gets better and that my summer cold passes without spilling into something else. It throws my exercise and meal plan more or less up in the air as we are simply going to work on clearing up the pantry, freezer and fridge rather than going out grocery shopping this week. And I have to say I am glad that our Vital Source order is coming in. There is salmon in the order and I am looking forward to it. Protein and all of the good things fish deliver to the body. All in a delicious package, who could resist?

I’m hoping that tomorrow I will feel more like myself and wanting to put on makeup, but I am going to take that a day at a time for now. I might just focus on skincare this week.

It is going to be an interesting week here. I am going to aim for a normal-ish schedule. We’ll see how that ends up working out.

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Happiness Delivered! SAVE 5% On Wild & Delicious Premium Seafood From Vital Choice  Wild Seafood-  - Use Code: 1VCAF5 At Checkout! Shop Now!

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