The Daily August 2nd, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope you are all doing well. We got my babydoll to the pharmacy, officially confirmed the positive test and now have him on the appropriate medication. He is on the mend.

My summer cold remains and my tests remain negative. I am hoping they stay that way. I will say though that around ten this morning i went to the bathroom and thought I could put on makeup today as long as I avoid mascara. Then I came out of the bathroom, looked at the bed and thought that a nap sounded like a better idea. I laid down for a short nap and woke up about twenty minutes ago. I was still in the same position I fell asleep in so I think my body just took me down. I hae creases from the sheet on my face, but I am not worrying about makeup today.

As I am already contemplating another nap, I think it would be pointless.

I know it is not a fun Daily post today. I slept rather than doing, well much of anything.

I did have a dream where a monkey kept trying to steal a bag of sand. It was an ordinary looking bag but the person I was with was adamant the monkey not steal it. It was as if he thought the world would end if the bag of sand was moved. And that is the highlight of my day. I hope yours followed along a bit more predictable lines.

Or someone at least told you why the bag of sand was important.

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