Let’s talk tea…

As you know from previous posts this week, I have felt a bit under the weather this week. While I am feeling better, when I feel badly I gravitate towards tea. Now it isn’t my normal tea. When I am feeling well I tend to go for flavored blends, usually from the Art of Tea. They have so many mixes that I absolutely love. However those are the relax and savor sorts of teas.

And that is not what today’s post is about. Not that these two teas aren’t absolutely delicious and nice to drink on a cold winter’s day when you are curled up with a book. But they are the teas I reach for when I am feeling under the weather and need something comforting while I fill my body with fluids.

You will notice that one is caffeinated and one is not. I am used to a certain amount of coffee in my day, but when I don’t feel well coffee can be a little bit acidic. Still sometimes, a little boost of caffeine isn’t a bad thing.

The first tea I reach for though is the Twinings Lemon and Ginger Herbal tea. With just a drop of honey it is the perfect beverage for when you feel under the weather. The lemon is bright and the ginger is just a bit sharp which means that I can actually taste it even when my nose is clogged. Adding the honey makes it feel both comforting and slightly medicinal. (My grandmother used to but a lemon slice with honey in hot water for me to drink when I was sick as a kid).

Now the Blackberry Tea from Impra is a new addition to my pantry. I came across it in a store and thought, I like blackberry. I decided to take a chance on it. Usually I find blackberry teas very disappointing. Most of them are herbal blends and they feel more like a generic herbal tea that might have once seen a blackberry. The Impra is a little different. It is good quality black tea that tastes very strongly of blackberry. Not only is the flavor really nice, but because the black berry has a slight sweetness to it, less sugar or honey needs to be added to the cup. In fact I just steep the bag in water and don’t bother adding anything else. In addition, it is really great as Iced tea. When serving it cold though the natural sweetness dims so you need to add it back in a bit before you chill it.

The blackberry tea from Impra is also good for making sun tea. With that, I do add sugar and a few slices of lemon. It makes a fantastic summer treat. Right now, these are my top two teas for when I feel bad. The Twinings does see a lot of winter use, and I am sure the Impra will this winter as well, but it is also a fantastic summer blend. If you are a fan of blackberry, I highly recommend it. Good black tea and a fantastic blackberry flavor, it is hard to beat.

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