Rub a dub with Saturday Skin

This week has been about getting my skin back into good condition. It took quite a beating recently. There was fever, there were chills, there were irregular eating habits (Ginger ale was my BFF for the week and while settled the tummy it added way more sugar than I am used to). In addition most of my normal skincare was skipped. I ended up taking my facial cleanser into the shower as a combination shower and skincare moment and that was about it. So once I started feeling better there was work to be done.

One of the first things I needed to do, was to get rid of any accumulated anything that was on my face and that is where the Saturday Skin Rub a Dub refining Peel Gel came into play. According to the product page the Rub a Dub is designed to…

Gently peel away dullness and impurities with power of papaya and pineapple. This refining peel gel gently cleanses skin and improves dullness with natural fruit enzymes. Natural cellulose lifts and removes impurities while aloe extract soothes the skin. Use one or twice per week to treat troubled skin and visibly enhance vitality and glow.

the gel, start with a small amount

When you dispense this gel it is a pinkish gel that does feel like there is an extremely fine grained exfoliate inside. While this may assist, this is mostly a chemical peel. What happens is that the gel pulls up all of the dead skin cells and left over products that are on your skin and rolls them up, like when cloth pills through rubbings and use, although significantly less harsh. these pills of debris as I like to think of them can then be washed away. leaving behind the beautiful skin that Saturday Skin says the product will give you.

And it does. This product works well, it really takes off all of the external gunk and leaves you with fresh skin. It isn’t harsh. It is very gentle but as with anything you can over do it so stick to once or twice a week. The fun thing with this product is that it will tell you when you are doing too much. The more often you use the product, the less effective it looks like it is working. This isn’t because it has stopped working, it is because you don’t have as much gunk on your skin as you did so there is less to remove. The more you have to clear off then the more dramatic the removal process is. If you use it and aren’t getting a lot of dead skin removal then you might want to think about backing down on your exfoliation.

As my recent skincare usage has been abominable, there was a lot to remove.

not the most attractive, but this is what the pilling up of dead cells should look like if you have a lot to remove

One of the tricks to using this product though is to start with a smaller amount of product than you think you might need. If you add too much at a time it takes longer for the gel to sort of evaporate and kick into motion and it wastes product. If you start with a little product and then just add a little bit more if you feel you still need it, the process is quick and easy and no product is wasted so this little tube will last a lot longer than it looks.

I am a big fan of this type of product. It especially helps me out in the summer time when I am sweating a lot and my pores have a tendency to gunk up and cause blemishes. It helps keep the surface clear of dead skin cells ad anything that may help in clogging the pores and thus reduces the amount of blemishes. Plus, right after use my skin feels amazingly soft and fresh. I like peels in general and Saturday Skin’s Rub a Dub is a good one that is gentle enough to use at home by novice skincare users who want the clean fresh skin but who are nervous about the words peel. there is no burning or irritation and as soon as you finish using it you rinse the last of the product off of your skin. It is affordable, easy to use and painless with good results. Over all, an excellent product.

Peach & Lily 100% Worry Free Skincare

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