The Daily: August 10th, 2022

Today my darlings, my nose runneth forth like an un-stoppered tap. The sneezing and runny eyes are not helping either. While I am better, today not only did my body decide to purge all of the snot filling my head and clogging my ears, but the pollen count is higher than it has been in the past week.

In my opinion my allergies are kicking me when I am down.

I did take the makeup out but when I was wetting my makeup sponge I had an attack of sneezes and then looked at myself in the mirror and decided that perhaps attempting makeup would just be a waste.

However I am negative on my tests and I believe I have actually caught up on my schedule. It feels really good to no longer be running to catch up with projects. which is how I spent the first part of the week. Today, makeup aside, was actually a normal workday with no extra bits tacked on.

It was glorious.

I know not terribly much fun to read about. But it is a slow piecing of things back together. Today it was a normal work schedule. In a few days, it might actually be getting back to my routine exercise.

I did attempt a short walk today. Mostly because I just felt the need to move. I’m pretty sure that is what triggered my allergies. but it did make the rest of me feel a whole lot better. It was a short 20 minute walk but it is amazing how good just that movement made me feel. Especially since I didn’t feel the need to collapse after it. So even though I sound like Foghorn Leghorn I am on the mend. That is something I can celebrate. I am using a Mango Smoothie instead of champagne, but it still counts as a celebration (and lunch).

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