Getting clean with Mud

We have reached that time of the year my darlings. It is the time when I can see the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales glimmering in the distance. I see them and I realize that I have a drawer full of samples that I need to try out and see if the product is worth picking up in the fill size. While I do periodically go through the skincare samples I am really bad at putting off the hair care products. I tend to reach for the ones I know I love (regardless of the size) or see a sample from a brand that I absolutely love (hence the trying out of the Christophe Robin Hair mask samples recently) and go ahead and try them out. Other products sort of fall by the way side. It is especially bad with shampoos that aren’t paired with conditioners (or visa versa) or when i know I am going to only be able to get one use out of them.

Which brings us to today’s minus 417 Sensual Essence Mud Shampoo. It came in a subscription box a while back with no accompanying conditioner and only enough product for one wash. So I am sad to say it languished in the drawer. Now however it has been brought to the sun or more importantly the shower for it’s trial. According to the website…

Feel the sensation of an incredibly unique Vegan Volumizing Mud Shampoo based on Dead Sea Minerals that draw out the impurities of the scalp all while nourishing it and providing antioxidant UV exposure protection. Hydrates the scalp that’s been damaged by harsh chemical products and leaves the hair amazingly volumized. Volumizes without weighing your hair down, hair feels nice, light and soft. Works well for treating dandruff or dry scalp. Scent ~ A wonderful fragrance profile that literally feels like nature in a bottle. Feel ~ Soft, rich hair that has plenty of volume and control. See ~ Your hair shine and take on a healthy glow reminiscent of your youth.

Active ingredients: Dead Sea Mud ~ firms, tones and tightens the skin as it draws out damaging toxins helping the skin to rejuvenate itself naturally. Vitamin A ~ Vitamin A Improving the texture of hair that has been damaged physically or by chemical treatment. Vitamin B ~ Helps the hair hold on to moisture by creating an evaporation barrier that also helps protect against environmental damages. Vitamin E ~ one of the most stronger antioxidants that can help neutralize free radicals that cause damage to hair and scalp. It is extremely good at locking moisture in the shaft of the hair, providing a maximum condition. Vitamin F ~ Also known as Omega Fatty Acids. Help the hair looks thick and strong.

I know that is a lot for a little tube of shampoo. First off let’s have a look at it. I’ll admit with a name like mud I expected the shampoo to be heavy and dense and to look and feel more like a hair mask than a shampoo. It does not. It has a shampoo like consistency and a golden shimmer. At first i thought i might have actually picked up a body bronzing cream instead of shampoo. I double checked and no it said Mud Shampoo on the front. And of course after I looked, I sniffed.

You know me, I have to smell pretty much everything. I’m not sure what nature in a bottle is supposed to smell like. Again when I read the description and saw Mud shampoo I expected something dep and earthy. It is a light fragrance that is slightly spicy but has a back note that I associate with vitamin E. Growing up my mom always had a bottle of Vitamin E gel capsules around. I’m sure she took them but I also remember her breaking them open and putting the vitamin E on cuts that were healing so they wouldn’t scar. It has that sort of scent to it.

just the shampoo, no conditioner or any other product whatsoever. Hair was left to air dry and just brushed through

Which quite frankly I really liked. It is a light scent that disappeared for the most part as my hair dried.

Because this shampoo did not have a paired conditioner sample with it, what i did was try the shampoo on it’s own figuring I could always add a leave in conditioner post shower if necessary. I have several I adore and several more samples I need to try out, so finding one wasn’t a problem. And i didn’t want to have the shampoo’s attributes masked by another conditioner.

I am really glad I did. This shampoo lathered well and rinsed off cleanly. sometimes with shampoo the hair can feel a little too clean and the need for a conditioner is strong. I also tend to get tangles if I don’t use a conditioner. I didn’t get that with this shampoo. It rinsed out and my hair felt clean but not too clean and there weren’t any shower tangles that I could feel. Because i didn’t want to use a heat protectorant, I let my hair dry naturally and then ran a brush through it to see it’s condition (and if I needed a detangler and/or leave in conditioner).

I was very impressed. My hair was soft and manageable. It felt quite lovely actually. Even though the shampoo is supposed to be volumizing, I can’t say i got a lot of volume out of it, but honestly I don’t care. I have plenty of products that provide volume. This may not have been massive in to volume department but it was fantastic in the soft manageable healthy looking hair section. I know that a picture doesn’t convey softness, but my hair felt really good with this shampoo. It looks shiny and healthy too. I hate that this little tube only gave me one uses worth of product and I hate that I put off using it for so long. This Minus 417 Sensual Essence Mud Shampoo was a fantastic shampoo in this one wash and it is certainly going on the list to try in a full size. I was very impressed and I plan to take a look at some of the brands other products sometime in the near future.

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