So, shall we forget the filler?

I love lip products. I love lipsticks, lip scrubs , lip masks and lip glosses. I also have a strange affection for lip plumpers. I don’t know why exactly, I have just always had a strange affection for them. I do like when my lips look plumed and firm though. I think part of why I have a weakness for them is because I just want to see if they actually do what they say their are going to do. Plus I know even if they fail I will still get a lip gloss out of it so it isn’t really a hardship.

I really like the trials where even if I don’t get exactly what I was expecting I still get something I like.

This is also the first makeup item I have tried from Lawless Beauty. So what is the Lawless Beauty Forget the Filter Lip Plumping Line Smoothing Lip Gloss?

A clinically proven lip-plumping treatment and ultra-shiny gloss with immediate and long-term visible plumping, softening, and hydrating benefits. Immediately, lines look filled and the lip surface looks smoothed. Key Active Ingredients:  MAXI-LIP™ : Scientifically and clinically proven to increase lip volume by 40% and decrease wrinkling by 29%, Shea Butter: Hydrates and soothes the lips, Rosehip Oil: Makes lips pillowy soft

Lawless Beauty

I will say that shea butter is excellent at making skin hydrated and soft as is rosehip oil. So even if I don’t know what their maxi-lip secret is, I know I am already in for hydrated lips. In the ingredients list there is also jojoba which makes skin soft and both ginger root extract and Capsicum both of which sting and plump the lips. So a quick look at the ingredients list is very encouraging.

I was surprised that the lip gloss smelled like watermelon to me. I didn’t see any watermelon scented anything on the list. I’m not complaining, I like the scent i just found it odd. I also really like the applicator. The curve of the applicator really fits the lips. While it sound’s strange, I generally find that the curved applicators are not only comfortable to use, but tend to use less product than the flat applicators. Or at least I have to dip the applicator wand in the tube less to get an application so I feel like I am using less product.

The shade i have is soft baby pink so it looks like my lips but better. This means I am not worried about adding color. I found one dip into the tube was enough to cover my lips. It is slightly gooey when you take the tip out of the tube and the product wants to make a string, almost like pulling apart two halves of a grilled cheese. It is only one string though and it quickly snaps, but it can be slightly messy when you first pull the applicator out. I ended up wiping off the top rim of the tube so it wouldn’t get sticky. I imagine as time goes on that might be more of a concern or annoyance. Mine is still relatively new so there is no build up. But I could see it being something to watch out for.

The Lawless Beauty Lip Plumping gloss did have the sting to it when it was first applied. It was also a bit sticky when it first goes on to the lips. Both the stickiness and the sting faded, although whenever I rolled my lips together while the gloss was still on my lips a little of the heat of the sting would wake up. The stickiness did not return.

It isn’t an intensely stinging plumping gloss. It is over all a mild tingle. So does this mild tingle do anything?

no gloss left, gloss after 10 minutes on the right

In the photos I can’t say I see a whole lot of plumping going on. My lips do look a little bit smoother, but it isn’t a major difference. On the the plumping I’d give it a five out of ten. However it is a really good gloss. The gloss stuck around for a while and even when it was gone, my lips felt soft and hydrated.

Which is not a bad thing. There was a little pluming and my lower lip looks a little fuller, I think the lines on my lip with the gloss on are where the lips sort of fluffed out a bit. But my lips feel great and if it is a choice between a gloss that makes my lips shiny while it is here and does nothing else and something that might give my lips a little plump but leaves them soft and hydrated after the shine has worn off, I am going to lean into the second every time.

Is it mega plumping? No, but the Lawless Beauty Forget the Filler Lip plumping Line smoothing lip gloss does have a place in my makeup bag and I am happy to use it.


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