Using the Seed Phytonutrients Moisture Conditioner

And so once again we dive into the drawer of forgotten hair products. Some are masks, some are sample shampoos without conditioners and then there is this Seed Phytonutrients Moisture Conditioner. It came in a subscription box a while ago and because I didn’t have a shampoo to o with it, the bottle kept being pushed to the back. It doesn’t help that shortly before I received this I did try a Seed Phytonutrients that i didn’t really care for. So it was ignored by association I suppose you could say.

But now it has been taken out of the drawer and given a good trial. Partially because it is a large conditioner and I have several unmatched sample sized shampoos. This is one of those products that going into a trial I really want to like. The outer biodegradable packaging pulls apart easily, there is no glue holding it in place just fitted tabs. Hidden inside is a packet of basil seeds.

I would really recommend that you take the outer packaging off before taking the bottle into the shower. The cardboard outer packaging is not really meant for a shower environment. However once I used the product I went on line to take a look at the details and found that this conditioner is now sold in a metal canister style bottle. However the ingredients list on the packaging I have is exactly the same as the product listed on the website. To be fair, I can see why the changes were made. The outer packaging goes to mush when faced with water, the interior bottle is plastic. It is a recyclable plastic, but still. And it has a rounded bottom without the cardboard covering so it has a tendency to tip over a lot.

All of which they fixed with a canister shape that has a flat bottom.

I will admit that even though I see the reasoning behind the change, I am inclined to like them a little less.

However it is about the product and not the packaging. So according to the company…

let to dry naturally and then combed through – nothing else done

Our vegan, silicone free Moisture Conditioner is designed to replenish dry, coarse, or damaged hair. Organic meadowfoam seed oil provides deep hydration for healthy, soft, shiny hair, while mango butter helps manage dry ends and fly-aways. With an addictive, 100% natural black tea and ginger aroma, your luscious locks will thank you. Aroma: Black tea and ginger, Top notes: Bergamot essential oil, Middle notes: Ginger, rosemary, chamomile, and thyme essential oils, Base notes: Amber essential oil and vanilla bean extractive

I’ll be honest. I really like the way it performed on my hair, but I really didn’t like the scent. It is a bergamot, black tea and rosemary blend that I just did not find appealing. Admittedly i really don’t like bergamot. And the bergamot is pretty strong.

That being said, this is a fantastically conditioning conditioner. It made my hair feel soft and nourished. It did a lot to smooth away my fly aways and was able to comb through my hair easily both when wet and when I just left it to dry naturally post shower. I was pleased with how smooth and glossy my hair looked and how soft it felt.

For me the only real downfall of this product is it’s scent. It is just not one I like and not one i want to keep around. If all of their hair products work this well though, I would certainly consider looking at the scent profiles of the other products and finding one that might work well with my hair that I actually enjoy the scent of. I simply have too much hair to have it filled with a scent i don’t enjoy. If you are okay with the scent of bergamot and are looking for a vegan conditioner that will smooth down flyaways and leave you with shiny , well nourished hair, I would suggest looking into this. If it weren’t for the scent I would happily keep this Seed Phytonutrients Moisture Conditioner around.

My nose just isn’t having it.

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