Unboxing the August 2022 Birchbox

My August Birch Box has arrived. This box of sample and deluxe sample items is $15 per month ($16.46 with tax) and both your customization and your payment window are based on when you sign up. I signed up Mid-month in July so in August I was charged on the 16th and was able to customize my box that same day. I think the window for customization lasts for about three days. I am on the month to month plan since I am not certain how long i wanted to keep this box (i have had an off and on thing with Birch box for years). If you subscribe for a longer period, your subscription cost will be less.

The number of items in your box vary because it is fully customizable. You receive times for items. Birch box recommends items but you can remove them and replace them with other items in the list. last month there was a full sized item you could replace your items with but this time there wasn’t. Sometimes a sample will be worth one tile or if it is deluxe maybe two. I think the full size replaces all five items. So the number of items will vary and the choices are all yours to make. They do send one surprise item each month so I was able to choose four of my five items this month. For me, one of the items I chose was from Ouai and the surprise Item was also from Ouai.

Over the years I have tried several of their hair products and I really liked them. They tend to be a bit pricey so they aren’t my go -to hair care items since there are less expensive ones that I like just as much. But I do like them and am happy to have two samples, especially a they are two items I have not tried before. The item I chose from Ouai was the body cleanser in the scent Melrose Place. As I had not tried anything other than Hair products from them, I thought it would make a nice change.

The surprise item that BirchBox sent was the Ouai Detox shampoo. I haven’t actually tried their shampoos. I usually end up with leave in conditioners and masks from the brand so I am thrilled to try out a a shampoo. I am actually looking forward to trying both.

The next item I have tried before and love. I actually have a full size of this so I don’t mind having a sample as well to slip into my travel kit. It is the Byroe Bitter Greens Toning Essence. It is a good toner, but it works best as an essence. It really opens the skin up so that you are ready for additional skincare. I really liked this when I used it before and I think it is one of the best products the brand has to offer. Their other items are okay, but this is their rockstar.

This was a hair heavy month for Birchbox and the next item I have is the Luseta Biotin and Collagen Hair mask. I have tried the shampoo and conditioner from this Biotin and Collagen line and really liked it so I am excited about this hair mask. Plus I have been working really hard to clear out a lot of the hair mask and product samples so it will be nice to compare it to the others I am rotating through.

And Finally there is one makeup item in my box this month. It is the Milk Makeup Rise Mascara. I enjoy Milk Makeup Products and I really liked their Kush Mascara. I have not tried their Rise mascara so it will be interesting to see how this one compares to the one I already love.

And that was my Birchbox this month. Do I think it was worth the $15? Yes I do actually. I have several products that I really want to try out and one that I am ready know I love. I do wish that one was a little bit bigger. But that is always the case when I get samples of products I like. This one is large enough that it will work in my travel case. And as I am getting ready to pack my travel case, it is quite timely indeed. This was a good month for Birch Box and I am happy to keep it another month.

La Roche-Posay- ACD

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