Unboxing the IPSY Glam Bag X for August 2022

This was an interesting box to unbox this month. First let’s cover the basics. Once a quarter my IPSY Glam Bag Plus is replaced by the Glam Bag X. The upgrade is about $60 now. I pay $65.84 for this quarterly box once all of the taxes and other charges are added in. IPSY has been slowly increasing their prices. I’m hoping that this was the last increase for a while.

I am in an interesting place with IPSY. I have the Glam Bag Plus for most months and I also have BoxyCharm. While they are different subscriptions, since IPSY bought Boxy there have been many more overlaps and I am trying to decide if I will be keeping both going into the new year. As a result what I am going to do with IPSY is keep the Quarterly and skip the month’s between. My hope is that this will allow me not to get so many overlaps and maybe make me fall back in love with IPSY or at least decide if I want to let them go. So this August I am reviewing the IPSY Glam Bag X and will not review IPSY again until November when it is once again time for another Glam Bag X.

the add on bag that caused the box change

This month, My IPSY didn’t come in the trademark bog (it was inside) but in a brown box. I always get a bit twitchy with changes, mostly because it means the order was adjusted. This time it was my own fault. During add ons I added a purse. I was hoping it was the tote I wanted it to be and not something smaller, but then I forgot about it. My add on was the Henny + Lev Danielle Tote Bag. And if it an actual Tote bag. It was also the reason I had the larger box. I am actually quite impressed with it actually. It is vegan leather and feels like decent quality. The smell is quite strong so I am letting it air out a bit before use. I plan on taking it on my trip and will let you know how it performs, but first appearances are quite positive. I will admit i was a little shaken by the reviews since almost none of them were positive. But I will give it a fair shot. I am glad though that I paid $18 (or possibly $14, can’t remember) instead of the $130 retail it is listed for. I can say that looking at it I would put it in the $20-$25 price range not the $130 price range. But maybe it will blow me away with use. we shall see.

But that was an add on, shall we see what the actual bag content’s look like?

As always IPSY makes some selections for me and lets me choose a few others. Let’s take a look at some of the Items they chose for me. The first is unsurprisingly, a Key’s Soulcare Item. This Glam Bag X was curated by Alecia Keys so I would be surprised if her brand’s items weren’t in it. The Item chosen for me was the Keys Soulcare Reviving Aura Mist (retail $25). It is in a really nice deep purple glass bottle and has a nice looking spray. The mist is nice but the scent is heavy. While I love thermal water facial sprays, I am not so sure this is a product i will really enjoy. I will give it a fair trial, but it isn’t really my sort of thing. And I am not sure why IPSY chose this for me. But it does look nice.

The next item IPSY chose for me I was thrilled with though. It is the They’re Real Magnet Mascara from Benefit Cosmetics (retail $27). I know for years Bad Gal Bang was my favorite from Benefit, but I do like most of their mascaras. I was okay with the regular They’re real, but when i got a sample size of the Magnet version I fell in love. I am thrilled to have a full sized version of this in my collection. I have a few other products to use up and clear out, but then I am so diving into using this. I was very happy for this one. And I think part of that is not only do I know I love this mascara but I am actually running low on mascaras. Sometimes they overwhelm with mascaras, but for a while now I haven’t received any so I am pleased. Good timing on IPSY’s part there.

The next Item IPSY Chose for me was the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum (retail $55) I have actually used this before but have not purchased it in a while because I have gotten so many vitamin C serums that I wanted to try out. I remember I really loved this serum and in fact it was the serum that made me want to try out other vitamin C serums. And I also have to say that this is a really good time for this serum as well. even though I have used sunblock when I have gone out, this summer has taken a toll on my skin and I remember this serum being really good at helping to fade dark spots brought out by the sun. I am very pleased to have this serum and thrilled to have an Ole Henriksen product in any subscription.

The next Item I am cautiously optimistic about. It is the Grown Alchemist Hydra Repair Day Cream. (retail $6). I’ve tried a couple of products from Grown Alchemist and they were okay but not super fantastic. I do like the look of the paint tube like container, but the last product i used (a night cream) was okay but not something I would repurchase. I also feel the same about their body cream. However neither was bad, just not fabulous. So perhaps the day cream will surprise me and exceed expectations or it will meet expectations and just be an adequate day cream. I’m not upset about seeing it because I know it will at least be adequate and I have hopes that it could be fantastic.

The final item chosen for me by IPSY was The One Baby Eyeshadow Palette from Lawless Beauty. (retail $25). Recently I tried my first Lawless Beauty Product and I rather liked it. I am very pleased to have another product from the brand to try out. This is a small eight pan palette and I have to say the colors in it are very much the ones I use. which makes me even happier about trying it out. Trying out a formula from a brand to know how they perform is so much nicer when they are shades that you would normally use. And these look like ones I would use. I’ve gotten my hopes up before based on sight in pan, but I am really hoping this palette performs. It is a good size, so fingers crossed.

And now we get to the three items that I chose. I will say my choice wasn’t that great this month. A lot of the items were ones I received in the past so I decided to skip them. I did end up with several items I am pleased about though, I just wish it was more of a choice than it was. I also have to say part of the disappointment was because of the pamphlet that IPSY sent with the box. In the pamphlet for the IPSY X they just list all of the possible products instead of just the ones you received. There was an entire page of Key Soulcare products, most of which I would have preferred over the Mist they chose for me but the real upset was the page featuring Pat McGrath Lipsticks. None of them appeared as any option in any of my lists or even add on choices. I know there was probably a limited number of them but the shades are gorgeous and the full page featuring them makes me feel a little cheated. It’s one of those things that i think I would rather not have known was in someone else’s bag.

But bag envy aside, let’s look at the three items i chose.

The first was the Patrick Star O/S Turn up the Base Versatile Foundation Powder. (retail $33). I was quite happy that I got to choose this actually. While I didn’t care for the eyeshadow Palette I tried from the brand, I have heard great things about this powder foundation and I really like the light buildability aspect of it. If it works out well I will be thrilled. I do like powder foundations when they work. Some end up looking very powdery so I have my fingers crossed this will work out well for me. We shall see. And part of me hopes it works out not just because I want it to work out but because it is a lovely package that I would love to keep around.

The second Item I chose this month was a Laruce Brush Kit (which is not actually listed in the pamphlet, nor are several of the items I was given as choice items this month. It is on the Laruce Website though and retails for $50). I actually chose this for two reasons. One I have several brushes that I really need to get rid of. Actually it is sort of a disgrace. I have quite a few brushes and I sort of rotate between containers and switch things around but never really get rid of any. I just put the ones that are wearing out in a different jar. I know, hoarder like. I need to sit down and just have a brush clear out.

But I chose these brushes because I want to have some new replacements on hand and I do like Laruce brushes. (I also chose a set of Luxie brushes in the Fab Fit Fun box this season for exactly the same reason plus I love Luxie brushes and am hoping a new set will help convince me to let go of some of the ones that have spent years in my makeup kit and have earned a retirement.)

The second reason I chose this set was because I wanted a travel container for my brushes, specifically one that can stand up and function as a brush holder while I am out of town. I don’t like having to corral brushes so I thought this would work. I have to say while the brushes are the Laruce quality I expect, the container does feel like cheaper plastic than I would have expected. It will work, but I strongly suspect it will not be too many trips before the plastic cracks. It looks nice, but the plastic is awfully thin.

And finally, the last item I chose was the Honey and Jasmine Mask from The Organic Pharmacy. (retail $74). Because you know I can’t pass up a good face mask (and it was the only interesting option in that tier). It is a bit of a pricey mask and it is a company I have never heard of. I don’t mind paying a lot for good, and good quality masks, but I love the option of trying them out before I spend the money on them. Just because it is expensive doesn’t mean it will work for my skin. Of course I have fallen in love with some pretty expensive masks this way. We will see if this Honey and Jasmine mask ends up being one of them

And so my darlings that was my Glam Bag X for August 2022. It is a bit of a pricey subscription tier, but it is quarterly. I couldn’t pay this cost every month and I don’t think it would be worth it to me every month. Quarterly this subscription does work for me. And this quarter was really nice. Even though I do have product envy from the pamphlet that came with the box, my products are for the most part ones I will use. I’m not to sure about the Aura Mist, but I am willing to give it a try. Everything else I am looking forward to using. So this month is was well worth the $65 cost I paid for the box.

As we are nearing my December evaluation of subscription boxes, I will be playing with this subscription, as I mentioned earlier. I will be skipping September and October and I am making a conscious effort not to purchase anything from the IPSY flash sales or add on pages during those two months either. Part of it is a test run for seeing how I feel about letting IPSY go. Part of it is a break from their sales page. I do like their sales page and now that Boxy has a $25 minimum for their sales page to get free shipping, I want to see if maybe keeping the regular $13 bag just to have access to the store might be a route I want to go with in the following year instead of the one I am on. Basically I am trying to find out what I want to keep and what I can do with out. Either way, there will be no IPSY reviews until November and the next Glam Bag X. It will be interesting to see if I get withdrawals or relief from it’s absence.

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