Its the Friday Face mask with Mudmasky

I have, over the past two years or so, received several Mudmasky products. While I am generally down to experience any kind of mask that doesn’t cause me skin irritations, it seems to me that this one is always talked about as being fantastic. Anytime I see a Mudmasky review they are always glowing reviews, but the products I have tried are always just so-so.

In my masking collection I found this Mudmasky Vitamin A Booster Blue clay mask. And you know how I love a good clay mask. It was unopened, so I have have not tried ir and I deliberately steered away from all reviews so that I wouldn’t get over hyped and then let down. I find that for me this is the best way to tell if I really like a product.

clean face prior to masking

sometimes I will look at the reviews and if they are all really great reviews I will feel more let down by the product than I might otherwise have been. And conversely if I read a bunch of bad reviews and then try it, I might think it is better than it is because it wasn’t a bad as the reviews painted it. I don’t know if that is the way anyone else’s brain works but that is how mind does so I didn’t look at the product information on the website until after I tried the mask. I went solely based on what is on the tube. Still it makes sense to post the what to expect before the actual results so, according to the product page…

This Fragrance-free Clay Mask is formulated with a blend of flowers, fruits, and Grade 1 Clay. The clays used are considered the purest and most premium available on earth. As a natural alternative to retinol, we have used Bakuchiol , suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Refines and tightens the pores and boosts your skin with a high dose of natural Vitamin A, your skin will look visibly smoother after just 1 use.

mask on

I should also point out that this mask is a full size and retails for $59. Which is incidentally the same price as one of my favorite clay masks, the Bl’eau Glacial Oceanic Clay Mask. (Although Bl’eau is having a big Labor day sale so you can snag that fantastic mask or their other products for less, this link will take you there if you are interested.)

I say this because this is the mask that I will be comparing it to in my mind. They are the same price, both clay and both pore refining. There are different aspects of each of course, but I will still compare them mentally when deciding my repurchasing options. If that makes sense.

mask dried

So onto the face the mask went. I know it is fragrance free, but there is a slightly odd scent to it (that I’m sure is just the product since fragrance isn’t listed in the ingredients). This is going to sound strange but it reminds me of grape flavored cough syrup. which was odd. The scent dissipates quickly but for what it is worth that is the scent I got from it.

It went onto the face easily and smoothed well over the skin. There are no solid bits it is just a blended clay paste. which I did like about it as I didn’t have to worry about my sink clogging. (Old house, old pipes). the mask felt cool to the skin which tends to be something that happens with most clay masks. There was a little tingling, but it was mostly the mask as it dried. It was more a sensation of water evaporating from the mask than an actual chemical tingle.

post mask

I let the mask sit for fifteen minutes as recommended and then went to wash it off. As you can see from my inability to smile in the photo, the mask dried down pretty hard. I patted water on it to loosen it and then it rinsed off fairly easily. There was not a lot of hard scrubbing which was pleasant. I do love clay masks but sometimes removing them is like chipping a statue out of granite. This was a relatively easy to remove clay mask. I did wet it back down before I used the washcloth though.

Here is the thing. I believe that skin are takes time to work. Yes a mask may give you an immediate result, but generally speaking immediate results disappear almost as quickly as they come. Skincare works based on repeated and consistent use. So I am always a little skeptical when I see the words ‘results after one use.’

As you can see above this mask did have those words. And did I see results after one use? Maybe a little bit. I can say that my skin felt very clean and looked very clean as though the mask purged some deep down gunk it had been holding on to. which was a nice effect. My skin did feel smooth but part of that was that it simple just felt clean.

I suppose you can call that results after one use. What i would call that is encouraging. It is an encouraging sign that repeated and consistent use may actually show some results. I think what I might do is give this mask a little stretch of time to see if there are more results. So There are today’s pictures. I will use this mask for the next week (not every day, but every other day as recommended) and I will see how a week of repeated regular use causes my skin to respond. I think that may give me a better idea of results expected and results that I can share with you.

So I intended to see if I liked the Mudmasky Vitamin A Booster Blue Clay Mask enough to keep it in my mask rotation and I decided that I did like it enough and that I saw enough positive things in my one use to try regular use for a week to see what happens. I suppose tune in next Friday for the comparison pics and further thoughts. I hadn’t planned on a longer trial but this seems like the right thing to do with this mask. And so the surprise Mudmasky trial begins.

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