Trying Bondi Sands SPF 50+

When I think Bondi Sands, I’ll be honest, I think self-tanner, not sunscreen. This sample sized Bondi Sands FACE SPF 50 + came to me in a subscription box and even though when it came in and I noted that it was sunscreen when I put it away I put it in the drawer with the self tanners instead of the sunscreens. So it was missed when I was trying out all of my sample sunscreens.

But now, (due to end of summer cleaning and reorganizing) it has returned to the light to be used.

the sunscreen

This sunscreen is 50+ which I really like. That is my preferred sunscreen level. Unlike most of the sunscreens I use, this is a water resistant lotion. At first I thought this wouldn’t make any difference because I wasn’t going to the beach or to the pool while using it. However, the water resistant came in handy during my walks.

Where I live, even when the heat dips below fry an egg on the sidewalk temperatures, the humidity is still high enough to cause anyone to sweat. I routinely come back from my walks drenched. During the summer I have had to start adjusting my skincare routine to accommodate my walks actually. In he morning I will wash my face, pat it dry, apply sunscreen and then after my morning walk, take a shower and continue with the rest of my skincare. There is simply no point to doing it before since it will all sweat off. And having moisturizer sweat into your eyes is no fun.

white fades as does the greasy look after about a minute or so

The water resistant nature of this Bondi Sands Sunscreen meant that I made it through my walk without sweating sunscreen into my eyes either. Which made it quite pleasant to ware, even though i wasn’t going to the beach.

The sunscreen itself is a white cream. A first pass with the hand may leave white streaks but they disappear almost instantly. Your skin will look greasy for about a minute to a minute and a half. Then the sunscreen absorbs in and you look less like you have just greased yourself up. When you touch your skin with your fingers, you can feel the sunscreen on the skin. It isn’t noticeable when you are wearing it but you can feel it when you touch the skin.

This version is the fragrance free version which means there is no fragrance added. There is a slight scent to it. It is very light but to me the sunscreen smells like old school rubber cement. I actually don’t mind the scent even if it makes me think of elementary school art classes, but even if you aren’t partial to it the scent fades pretty quickly. By the time you are looking less greasy the scent has faded.

Over all I really enjoyed this sunscreen. It was a small tube and alas, it has already been used up, but this Bondi Sands Face SPF 50+ is a sunscreen I would get again, if only for the fact that it stayed in place when I was sweating through my morning work out on the walking trail. I also like that it is reasonably priced ($10 for a full sized bottle) and is available at Target. As I tend to go through a lot of sunscreen since I use it routinely throughout the year, cost is actually an important factor. I don’t mind spending more on a good product, but it is nice to have a cost effective option around as well. The water resistant nature of it came in handy even if it did make me think of art classes from days gone by.

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